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Coming soon: Call all your Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp friends from an app and send them a message. «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

You are in constant communication with your friends and family. The only problem? Nobody uses the same app. Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp – you have contacts that span all three, and the resulting balancing act of staying in touch can be overwhelming. That's why Facebook, which includes all three apps, offers the ability to call and notify friends on all three platforms from one place.

Facebook announced this at its annual F8 conference on April 30, 2019. The company did not give us much detail, even a timetable, during the event. All we know is that Facebook Inc. has a cross-platform messaging system in the works. In the meantime, we have some questions about how this will work.

. 1
Will cross-messaging be available in all apps or just in Messenger?

From Facebook's announcement, we know that Messenger users can chat not only with their Facebook friends, but also with their friends on Instagram and WhatsApp. Can WhatsApp users directly notify Facebook and Instagram users, and can Instagram users directly notify Facebook and WhatsApp users?

If you use Instagram or WhatsApp, a messenger friend can send you a message from Messenger in your app, and you can send it back directly. The question, however, is whether can start a message with them or any other person on Instagram from WhatsApp.

With Facebook's goal of "interoperability," the answer to all these questions is probably "yes." 19659007] Coming soon: Call all your Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp friends from an app and send them a message. ” width=”480″ height=”480″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

Image from Facebook Developers / YouTube

2. Do you need to bind Messenger to Instagram and WhatsApp?

While it's great news that Messenger will soon allow you to chat with Instagram and WhatsApp friends, we still do not know what that means for the account relationship. Can you import contacts from Instagram and WhatsApp using Messenger, or do you just need to connect and share all three accounts?

It can be assumed that a good number of people do not mind linking their Instagram account with their Messenger / Facebook account if those accounts are not already tied. However, some may prefer to keep their accounts separate. With Facebook's renewed "interest" in improving privacy and security across all platforms, this step may be contradictory.

There is no word yet about how this will work until more details become available.

3. How does Messenger differentiate users from different apps?

Keep in mind that if you have a friend you only know from Instagram or WhatsApp, it should be easy to notify him via Messenger. You should be able to look it up and write a message without any problems. But what happens if you have friends in all these apps? How does Messenger help organize things so that you are not unsure which platform the message initially targets?

If any of your contacts have a Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp account, do you really need to sign up for an account? As explained in the previous section, Facebook may decide to associate all accounts with a contact profile. So when you send a message to a contact, you do not have to worry about choosing between the three apps – you would pick your contact and it would sync with all three apps.

In a business insider interview with Stan Chudnovsky, Messenger's chief, it sounds like every app is being run separately and not under a messenger account.

Currently, in the messenger app of Android, if it is also used for SMS and MMS texts, an SMS chat icon is displayed on the profile picture to distinguish the texts from each other. In conversations, Facebook chats are blue and SMS chats are purple. This is likely to remain so when Facebook unites all three online platforms under the Messenger roof. Otherwise, you may see Instagram and WhatsApp icons instead of SMS icons. You may also be able to restrict filtering to an app's contacts, and the chats may appear in a different color.

Image from Facebook Developers / YouTube

It's hard to say what's going to happen, considering How close the project was over the months.

. 4 Can not you send messages?

Messages in any form can not be sent in all three chat apps at this time. Facebook recently introduced a way for you to send messages within 10 minutes in Messenger, reflecting a long-standing feature in WhatsApp. With Instagram, you can send messages anytime, an exciting departure from the way Facebook treats unsubscribing in its other apps.

How does unsubscribing messages in chats work with all three apps? Will Facebook stick to the 10-minute limit or will it honor Free Instagram for all? In the interview with Chudnovsky mentioned above, he stated that none of Messenger's chat features would appear on Instagram's Instagram direct mail or WhatsApp chats. At least not at the beginning. So it could be that logging out messages works for any app, no matter who is on the receiving side.

Instagram | Messenger | WhatsApp

5. How will the encryption work?

Facebook wants people to trust them more, which is why they put a focus on end-to-end encryption in their F8 presentation. Currently, WhatsApp is the only program that offers E2E encryption by default. Messenger has encrypted messages, but you must enable a secret conversation for it to work.

Instagram currently has no encryption. Will Facebook add this feature to the app so all three can participate in private messages? Or, if you want to chat with an Instagram user in Messenger, do you have to give up this privacy privilege?

To reiterate the Chudnovsky interview, he said that encryption is not an option for users, and Business Insider claims that both are possible. Facebook and Instagram are both switching to pure end-to-end encryption. At least we know that.

However, Chudnovsky also addresses the problem of encryption between apps. It assumes that a person's app in chat has not yet been updated to support encryption but the other person remains unencrypted. Messenger seems to be trying to find all this out. Therefore, it is likely that some protection exists to know when you will be able to send encrypted messages based on the person's app and their app version. It is possible for users to be forced to make updates, which developers often do.

. 6 How will three different apps come together exactly?

At present, this trio of Facebook apps treats chat very differently . Messenger and WhatsApp provide comprehensive, feature-rich ways to keep in touch with friends, including topics, Quote Answers, GIF Search, Stickers, and more. Instagram, on the other hand, is not primarily a messaging app. The DMs are, to say the least, more barebones that focus more on simple messaging than fun and interactive chatting.

That's not a problem in itself, but these differences could make the threads between apps very difficult. What happens if you respond to an Instagram or WhatsApp message in Messenger? Will Facebook add the feature to these apps, or will users receive a message like "Jake has laughed at your message," much as iOS handles responses with SMS versus iMessage? What about games? Do game invitations sent by Messenger lead to a confirmed error? Or does Facebook bring this functionality to Instagram and WhatsApp?

A simple solution is to reduce the functionality of chats sent between different apps. When you launch a thread with a user on Instagram or WhatsApp in Messenger, you may see a much simpler interface to ensure consistent messaging across all platforms.

Better yet, Facebook could eventually design a new messaging system for all three apps. Whether you're on Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp, your threads look the same – or at least act -. However, we already know that the last option in this case is a long way off since Chudnovsky has already stated that the core functions of the individual intelligence services are initially the same.

. 7 Which services will be interoperable at first?

In the Chudnovsky interview, he states that Messenger and Instagram may be linked first. If this is smooth, then WhatsApp will be included, but that is not final.

"We'd probably try to make it possible to switch from Messenger to Instagram and back first and then send it to WhatsApp, but we have not decided yet," Chudnovsky said.

What are you hoping for from this Facebook chat integration? Let us know in the comments below.

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