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Coming soon: Share a link to your Instagram story on other platforms «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Instagram is all about sharing, but not all features can be shared equally. Take stories, for example. Although it's a standard product, stories can not just be shared outside the Instagram bubble. However, this will change soon. We now know that Instagram is working hard on a feature that lets you put a convenient link to your Instagram story on another platform – text, email, social app, and more.

The link sharing feature is so easy. You would think it was already available as a sharing option for your Instagram story. Yes, you can already share your story for direct messaging with your friends or post it as a new post in your feed. However, stories can not be shared outside the Instagram network. For now, anyway.

We know that this feature is on its way, thanks to Jane Manchun Wong an app researcher who breaks down new software features before ever seeing the light of day. Instagram story links are one of those features. Wong discovered in May that Instagram is working on a sharing option that assigns a URL to your story. Share or copy this URL from the More menu and direct users to your story wherever you post it. Pretty new. Wong also saw a similar function in November .

Image by Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter

Because Wong's tweet is over 24 hours old, the story that was linked in it has disappeared. However, we believe this will work because the page history error message is "History Unavailable". And if you clean up the link, you'll get to her latest story, but with a blank screen.

Although no options are available for everyone yet, you can share your latest Instagram story via a link. However, in our tests, it only opens in a browser that requires you to sign in to Instagram. Then the story is not played, so it does not work that way. To try for yourself, use the following link, but swap USERNAME for your Instagram username.


Thank you, SocialMediaToday, we can confirm that this is not the case First sighting of a story-sharing feature in the works. In addition to Wong's tweets in November and May, the site reported in February that Lindsey Gamble had discovered the option to "share a link to the entire story." Perhaps the latest option that Wong has found is the next evolution of this feature.

Gamble's discovery would show the option offered when trying to share a story with multiple slides, but in his screenshot this is not the case. Wong's screenshots are from Android, while Gambles are used by iOS, and the menus are not always the same, so they may be two different versions of the same thing.