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Creating a Mailto Hyperlink in PowerPoint

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If you want to share your slideshow with your audience after the presentation is over, you may be able to add relevant mailto hyperlinks so they can easily answer questions or comments.

Creating Mailto Hyperlinks in PowerPoint

The easiest way to insert a hyperlink is to enter the existing email address and then press Enter. This will automatically add the mailto link for you. Hovering over the link displays a message box with instructions for following the link.

  Enter the e-mail address and press Enter

. There are, however, a few other ways to handle this. You can insert the mailto link directly into text or objects. Select the text or the object and click with the right mouse button on it. Select "Link" in the displayed menu.

  Select text or object and right-click

. The Insert Hyperlink window appears. Enter the e-mail address in the address bar. Note that Windows automatically adds the "mailto:" in front of the address, so you do not have to specify this. After entering, click "OK".

  Insert GIF hyperlink

Your selected text or object now contains a hyperlink to the entered email address. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the text or object to follow the link.

  Mailto hyperlink in text

If you want to follow the next steps, you can create a button with the Mailto hyperlink. Go to the Insert tab and select the Shapes option in the Illustrations group.

  Select the

tab A drop-down menu appears. Select the shape you want to use. In this example, we select the oval shape that is in the Basic shapes group.

  Oval Shape

Click and drag to draw the shape.

  GIF character form

In the "Styles" In the "Format" group of the form, you can format the shape to your liking. This includes the fill, the outline, and the special effects of the shape.

  Image Formatting

Then double-click the shape and enter the appropriate text. When you're done, select the shape, right-click it, and repeat the previous steps to insert a hyperlink into an object.

  mailto link in object

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