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Creating and updating a mapping table in Microsoft Word

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A mapping table is a page-by-page list of subtitles drawn from images, images, or tables in your document. It's like a table of contents, but it's a table of everything to which you can add a caption.

Inserting a Mapping Dictionary

Adding a Mapping Dictionary is a useful tool to allow the reader to quickly navigate to specific parts of the document (or as a personal quick guide). This is especially true for longer documents with too many media. However, it is important to note that adding a mapping table is only possible if you add captions to your images, images, and tables (not to be confused with alternative text). We assume that in this example you have added the relevant material already labeled in your Word document to the table. Next, go to the References tab and choose Insert Table of Figures.


After selection, the "Table of figures" window appears and displays the Print and Web preview of the mapping table. Here you can also customize various options and adjust the format of the table.

When you have changed your settings, click OK.

 Editing options for the mapping table

Your mapping table will now be inserted into your Word document.

 A mapping table in Word

Updating a mapping table

Understandably, your labeled objects can add, remove, and edit the contents of the document. Therefore, Word also provides an easy way to update the mapping table to reflect changes made.

To refresh the mapping table, you must first select it. If you do not select the table, the update option is not available. Once you have selected the mapping table, go to the References tab and click Update Table. Alternatively, you can also press the F9 key.


Now the "Update Table of Figures" dialog box appears. Here you can refresh the entire table or just the page numbers. Choose the option that best suits you, and then click OK.

 Only options for updating the entire table or page numbers

Your mapping table is now updated to reflect the current version of document.

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