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Creating Folders in Your App Drawer with Action Launcher «Android :: Gadget Hacks

According to App Annie, an average person's phone contains 60-90 apps. Such an amount can easily overwhelm an app drawer, especially since only about 30 in one month are used in the same source. Being able to organize apps in the app drawer can waste the search for time.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Action Launcher for a while was the impossibility of organizing the app drawer in any way. Fortunately, thanks to a recent update, this is no longer the case. With Action Launcher, you can organize the apps in folders as on the home screen. Once you've saved your apps in folders, you can quickly find your favorite apps without overcrowding your home screen.

Step 1
: Install the Latest Version of Action Launcher

The First Thing You'll Need Need is the latest version of Action Launcher. While some older versions have access to this feature, recent fixes have fixed some bugs related to app drawer folders.

If Action Launcher is installed and updated, navigate to your Home screen and press and hold for an empty space. In the menu that appears, select "Startup Settings."

From the Settings menu, choose "App Drawers," then "Folders." On the next page, you can create a folder with the floating action button in the lower-right corner. If you select this button, a list of all installed apps will be displayed. At the top is a line titled "Untitled Folder" where you can create a title for the folder (if selected). After naming, select the apps you want to add (or add each app using the "Select All" button), and then choose Done.

Step 3: Check your folder

Return to home page and open it The app drawer can be dragged up either with the button or with the swipe. The first icon in the drawer is the folder with all the apps added.

The use of folders offers many organizational possibilities. You can organize similar apps (such as all games) together to make them easier to find. You can only use folders to group shared apps and place the rest of the apps in an All Apps folder. You can even put all apps in one folder, with the exception of the most commonly used apps, and all others are effectively hidden.

With folders, Action Launcher now lets you avoid a crowded app drawer. By putting apps together, you can easily find what you're looking for and avoid adding apps to your home screen, causing it to become crowded.

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