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Days Gone Trust System Guide: How To Increase Your Representation With Camps

  Days Gone Trust Guide

In Days Gone Deacon St. John and his best buddy Boozer are often referred to by other survivors as drifters. They travel together and decide not to live in one of the various camps built by groups in this post-apocalyptic world. That is why most Deacon encounters give him eyes, as they do not know if they can trust him.

This concern is reflected in one of the core systems of [Trust]. Each of the four camps you visit in Days Gone has its own system of trust. If you increase your trust, you can unlock additional items that you can buy from the dealer and mechanic. Our Days Gone Trust Guide describes this important mechanism in the latest PS4 exclusivity.

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Trust often comes organically

Many of the main missions in Days Gone go through the four camps. We can say with certainty that by completing the main missions in each of the four camps, you will reach confidence level 1

. In some camps where a large number of major missions originate, you go from above to Trust 2.

Optional Missions Increase Confidence

  Days Gone Trust Guide

Often, "I'm on my way to being called by one of the four camps." To avoid spoilers, let's just talk about the Copeland's Camp at Peaceful Lake, you enter the Copeland Camp early in the morning, and sometimes he will call you to say that he has a reward for you to cover, which means you are pursuing a wanted person or rescue someone from the camp.

These optional missions reward almost as much trust as mainline missions.You can tell the difference between major and optional color missions.Yellow missions in your active storyline are major events, while red and White / Gray are optional missions As the progress progresses, almost every mission you complete in one of the four camps at your trust level will feel right.

Dynamic Events Affect Trust

  Days Gone Trust Guide

Although they do not show up so often, you expect them to pass situations that require rapid intervention. Usually someone is tied up by the roadside. Simply kill the enemies who have tied the poor drifter and then solve them. Then you can send them to a camp of your choice. Your decision rewards you with cash, trust points, or both.

Do not forget to submit bounties, animal meat and plants

  Days Gone Trust Guide

Bounties that can not be confused with some optional products Missions are located in every camp. Headstand picks up all your Freaker finds in cash and loyalty points. If you kill Freakers, collect their ears and other rough attachments. You can hand them in every warehouse, so make sure you do not put them in warehouses where you already have a trust level of three.

Animal meat derived from the killing of wolves, deer, bears and other wild animals. can be dispensed in kitchens in the warehouses. Plantlife also displayed on the card when you buy the Hawkeyed Craft from the Survival Tree. Like freaker ears, animal meat and plant life reward you with cash and trust points.

Why should you worry about trust?

  Days Gone Trust Guide

As a drifter, it is understandable why Deacon St. John & # 39; I do not care that other people like him. However, the Trust system is critical to weapons, accessories, medical and bicycle upgrades.

If you have not reached Trust Level 1 yet, you can only buy gasoline, bicycle repairs, and ammunition in camps. That's it. However, once you reach trust level 1, you can gain performance improvements for your bike, new weapons, weapon suppressors and medicines. Better weapons, bike upgrades, attachments, and items will unlock once you reach Trust Level 2 and Trust Level 3.

These upgrades are not essential, but very helpful. For example, the launching weapons are very mediocre. But automatic weapons bought with a trust level of three? They are devastating. Not to mention the automatic weapons suppressors, which require at least a level of trust of two. It's great to have a powerful weapon, but it's even better if this weapon is a bit secret, so you do not inform so many Freakers about your location.

Bike upgrades, however, are the most important aspect of building trust. You'll quickly see how slow Deacon's motorcycle is when you start Days Gone . You will also notice how small the gas tank is. You want to upgrade your fuel tank and your engine as soon as possible.

You can then upgrade the exhaust and storage to determine how loud your bike is and how much ammo it can store. In total, there are nine categories for upgrading bicycles, each with up to three levels. Increasing your confidence level 3 is the only way to make the most of your bike's potential.

Upgrading all four warehouses to trust level 3 is not required.

  Days Gone Trust Guide

Each camp has its own system of trust. While it is convenient in all four camps to have access to all upgrades, it is not necessary. To achieve the maximum level of confidence in each camp, you must fulfill most optional missions. Since you can travel fast, only a warehouse with trust level 3 works well.

We recommend focusing on Lost Lake, the third camp you'll encounter as the main missions bound to Lost Lake will naturally take you to level 2. With a little more work, you can access all the weapon and bike upgrades you may need to eliminate the threats around you.

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