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Dealing with a talkative employee – LifeSavvy

  A talkative person distracts her colleague in the office.

We've all been there before: You have a tight deadline, stare at a mountain of work and your talkative counterpart has won't let you alone How's it going? So you get back to work without ruffling your feathers.

Sure, it's fun to take a break from time to time to chat with your colleagues about things, but we all had a colleague (or three) who spends far too much time calling you up and spending a lot of time too little time to concentrate and do your job. Proceed as follows:

Let them know that you must return to work.

The first way to stop a talkative employee is to politely but firmly tell them to return to work. [1

9659004] Wait for a break in the conversation and then say, "I'd like to continue this conversation, but I need to get back to work." Add something about a deadline or result you're working towards Give your apology more credibility. Everyone understands the work and deadline pressure and the idea that you would like to chat a bit, but also do not want to get into trouble because you are relieving, is very reliable.

If you do not show signs of slowing down, it's okay to interrupt them politely. Try something like, "I'm so sorry I've interrupted, but I have to work again, can we finish this conversation for lunch?" If you set a specific time for a new conversation, you can mark the jump on completion

Wear Headphones

If you want a solid, concentrated working time without interruption Wearing headphones is a visible sign that you are not open to an engagement, if you have long hair, pay close attention Make sure your headphones are easy to see, so people will not believe you just ignore them.

You do not even have to hear a thing, even a big over-the-ear headphone muffles office noise a bit and lets you Imagine that they are not immediately available.

Turn on your "Do not disturb"

Not just chatty colleagues personally If you work remotely and use an office communication tool like Slack, you might also fall into the trap of talking to a talkative colleague.

If you work in Slack (or something similar), you can use status or emojis for. Indicate that you are not open to conversations. Set up a stop sign or write an away message. If your communication tool, such as Basecamp, does not allow a status, you can tell the main work channel that you are switching to focus mode, and it would be desirable for users to limit their breaks. If all else fails, disable your notifications.

Do you work in a traditional office setup? Set up a whiteboard or sign that says you are working on a project. Use the visual cue to stop conversations before they begin.

Schedule meeting

If your coworkers tend to talk about work issues in the break room or the water cooler, ask if you can schedule a meeting to close the meeting conversation. When planning a meeting, you can prepare for the discussion and increase the likelihood that you can create actionable items and tasks to drive the project forward.

Talk to a supervisor

If all else fails, you can talk to a supervisor about your talkative colleague. This should only be done as a last resort and only if your best efforts to stop them from contacting you all day have failed.

Be sure to solve the problem yourself before involving the HR department.

Remember that not all small talk is bad. When you chat with your colleagues, you can improve your relationships and be more excited about going to work. There is a time and place for talking to people at work (some people need a little push to focus on the actual work).

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