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Did you know that there are smart air filters? – Check geek

  The Filtrete app on a phone displaying the Smart Air Filter next to it is set to 100%.
3M / Filtrete

No, that's no joke. Filtrete sells smart air filters that tell you when to replace them. As fun as it sounds, it's a refreshing example of how smart technology can improve our lives.

Why? When did you last change your air filter? If this question makes you cold sweat, congratulations! They understand why we are so excited about intelligent air filters.

They tell you when to replace them.

No more calendars. Do not write the date on the air filter. Filtrete's intelligent air filters have a built-in sensor that checks for changes in air pressure and air quality. These changes are sent via Bluetooth to your phone's Filtrete app, and you can track the changes over time. If the air filter needs to be replaced, you will receive a notification.

Unfortunately, all this happens on your phone. The smart filters do not work with Alexa or Google Assistant. But the Filtrete app has some nice features. Find out if you need to improve air quality (by opening windows or buying an air purifier). It also tells you how big the filter is, so you do not need to check it before you buy a replacement part.

  A man replacing an air filter.
Serenthos / Shutterstock

In addition, the Filtrete app provides the ability to set up automatic Amazon Dash orders. If the Smart Air Filter needs to be replaced, a replacement will be automatically ordered from Amazon so you do not have to search for one in the store.

We're not sure why Filtrete's Smart Air Filters use Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi (if your air filters are hidden in a basement, removal could be a problem), but it probably has something to do with the cost too do. Filtrete's intelligent air filters are only $ 5 more expensive than regular air filters, which is very appealing. Wi-Fi connectivity, which would only be useful to some people, could make the filters more expensive than they should be.

Should you buy smart air filters?

Intelligent air filters can certainly make life easier and healthier. Unlike most "smart" products, Filtrete's intelligent air filters solve a real problem and are reasonably priced. If you always forget to replace the air filter, intelligent filters are worth a try.

Of course you should pay attention to something strange. These filters have only been on the market for a few months now and it's difficult to find product ratings that tell you how well the Bluetooth-based intelligent features are working (or if the filter needs to be prematurely replaced). It is also clear that 3M has replaced an old Amazon product list with this because most of the reviews go back to 2016 and make no mention of smarthome tech.

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