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Did you lose your phone? Google can help find it or keep strangers from it

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It's not the end of the world when you leave your cell phone.

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We were all there. You are already late and can not find your phone. Or worse – you put it down or it falls out of your pocket and you really lose your phone. Did you just catch a cold? These days our lives are basically on our phones, so it's a pretty big deal when they disappear. Do not worry, Google can help in several ways.

If you're like me and often lose your device between couch cushions, lying in bed or on the dresser, Google Home is a lifesaver (especially if you're late).

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Just ask your google speaker "Hey Google, where is my phone?" and Google lets your device ring until you find it. For this to work, Google only needs to know your voice, what you do about Voice Match when you set up your Google Home Speaker .

Google Account

If your phone is definitely lost do not worry, there is still hope. Gmail to the rescue. You can get similar results by searching for "Find my phone". You still need to sign in to Gmail.

Recovery from a PC

  1. Log in to your PC.
  2. Go to Google if that's not your start page yet.
  3. Click the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Click to Google Account
  5. Click Security to the left
  6. Click to Search lost or stolen phones ( this area is referred to as your device).
  7. Select your device (older phones or a PC you are using may be displayed)
  8. Make sure it is you by typing your email password
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Recovery from Mobile

  1. Tap the Gmail icon
  2. Tap to add another account if it is not your phone. If you have a second phone, tap Manage your Google Account .
  3. Scroll up and tap Security
  4. Scroll down to your devices and tap Search A lost or stolen phone
  5. Select Your device off
  6. Make sure it's you by typing your email password

From here, Google can do some things. Most importantly, you want to find your phone. Click or tap . Search for . Your Wi-Fi may be off, but the location must be on or you will only see the last known location of the phone. If it is correct, the symbol is green. If it's the last known place, it's gray. Click on the green icon. Google Maps opens and you get coordinates to find your phone. For example, if I try my (obviously my phone is on my desk), my computer gives me my work address. I can then click Play Sound or tap and let Google ring my device for five minutes, even if it's muted.

Unfortunately we do not always leave our phones in a familiar place. In this case, you can click or tap Secure device . This will lock your phone (if you do not have a password yet) and sign you out of your Google Account. You can find your phone anyway. By backing up your device, you can also leave a recovery message and an alternate phone number if a good Samaritan finds your phone.

If all else fails, tap DEFCON 1 to tap or click . Delete device . Any information not recently backed up to Google will be lost and you will not be able to find the phone. According to Google, the phone's data will be erased the next time it's turned on. If it does not go online again, it will not be deleted.

iPhone users

We did not forget iPhones. Unfortunately Find My Device is limited to Android, but Google Home can still find your iPhone . It will not work if it is quiet. To set it up:

You must add your phone number in the Privacy Settings under My Account . Go to myaccount.google.com/privacy and then Phone> Add Recovery Phone . Enter your phone number and click Next followed by Get Code . Enter the six-digit code and click Confirm .

If you've registered devices, the Google homepage asks if you'd like to test them first. Say "No" until Google says "Let's try something different." It will then display the phone numbers associated with your Google Account. This should be your iPhone number.

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Google Search My Device app

You can also download the free Google app "Search My Device" app. The layout is almost identical to using the Gmail restore process. Either log in with your email account or use a guest option. Grant the app access to the location to start the process. Basically it's just another tool that you or a friend should have in case he loses his phone. An additional advantage of the app is the function for indoor maps, which you can also find on Google Maps. This is useful if you have lost your phone in a mall or at an airport.

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