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Disable this setting if notifications are delayed on your OnePlus® OnePlus :: Gadget hacks

OnePlus is known for exceeding the limits of what we have thought possible for a mid price. One of the best things about OnePlus phones is that their battery life is generally fantastic. To achieve this, notifications are disabled or delayed by default when the phone enters sleep mode. You will not be notified until you wake up the phone – this could be a problem for some.

There are also some apps or services that you want to run in the background, such as: A music player may fail The network connection is disabled when deep sleep occurs. It can be frustrating for many, especially if you do not know why it happens. In this guide, I'll show you a few settings that you can check if you want to keep your network connection active instead. You should not notice any or only a small difference in battery life.

Disabling the Overactive Battery OnePlus Activation Option

First, open the Settings app on your phone and go to the "Battery" section. From there tap on "Battery Optimization" and then on the 3-point menu on the top right, followed by "Advanced Optimization".

This section displays two options, one of which is "Sleep Standby Optimization" and the other option "Depth Optimization." Both are enabled by default for some reason, but you can control them at any time do both next.

Depth Optimization

You should disable this setting only if you notice that some of your most important apps that you are constantly using are losing or breaking the connection, and this level of optimization can sometimes become too aggressive and stop certain apps and services running in the background, but if you did not notice this problem while using the phone, you can leave this setting turned on for the time being.

Sleep Standby Optimization [19659002] This is the setting that you mainly use Disable if you have missed or missed a message obtained. As with depth optimization, this setting is on by default and will break your network connection when the phone is sleeping. This is good to save some extra battery life, but it's not worth it to miss all your notifications. If you disable this setting, the battery consumption is very low, so you do not have to worry about it.

Your network connection should remain active in deep sleep mode from then on. You should not miss another important notification. However, if you continue to have problems, also disable the "Depth optimization" setting in the extended battery screen to see if this is the case. Have fun!

Cover images and screenshots of Stephen Perkins / Gadget Hacks

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