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Disabling Outlook add-ins for troubleshooting

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If the Outlook client behaves strangely, you first need to check if add-ins are causing the problem. To disable them, see if they are a problem.

What are add-ins?

Add-ins are additional features that software vendors create to link their application to Outlook. You can install add-ins yourself by opening Outlook and clicking Start> Get Add-Ins to see some of the add-ins available to you.

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Most add-ins are automatically installed when you install software on your computer. You can never use the add-ins or even be aware that they exist. However, it is not (usually) malware or something unpleasant. They are designed to help you use a product. For example, if you install the Acrobat PDF Reader from Adobe, an Outlook Add-in will be installed that lets you create PDFs from emails.

There is usually no need to remove add-ins, but if Outlook behaves strangely, especially if it does, freezes, crashes, or refuses to open-you can tell if it's by disabling the add-ins is a problem.

Disabling All Add-Ins

Troubleshooting is all about finding the cause of a problem. It is best to gradually narrow down the potential problems until you have only the cause of the problem. In the case of Outlook issues, this means that all add-ins are disabled and the add-ins are reactivated one at a time to determine which problems are causing the problem. This is especially true if Outlook encounters problems at startup.

The easiest way to disable all add-ins at the same time is to open Outlook in safe mode. This disables all add-ins, but does not change anything else. So, if one or more add-ins cause the problem, everything will work as expected in safe mode. There are several ways to open Outlook in safe mode, depending on which version of Outlook and which version of Windows you are using. There are a few methods that should generally work for all combinations of supported versions of Outlook and Windows. However, if these do not work, search online for your specific combination.

Method 1: Hold down the Ctrl key when you start Outlook

This works regardless of whether you click an icon in the taskbar, on the desktop, or from the Windows menu. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking the Outlook icon (or double-click if the icon is on the desktop). A confirmation message is displayed.

 The Safe Mode Confirmation Dialog

Click Yes to open Outlook in Safe Mode.

Method 2: Use the Startup Dialog or the Windows 10 Start Menu

In Windows 10, press the Windows key, or press the Windows key + R in Windows 7 or 8. In Windows 10, the Windows menu appears where you can enter commands directly. In Windows 7 or 8, this will be displayed. Start the Run dialog box, where you can also type run commands. In both cases, type "outlook.exe / safe" (without quotation marks) and press Enter. The profile selection is then called.

 The dialog

Select the profile you want to open (most users have only a single "Outlook" profile) Click "OK". This will open Outlook in safe mode.

Regardless of the method you choose, Outlook opens in safe mode. The name of the program in the header changes from "Microsoft Outlook" to "Microsoft Outlook (Safe Mode)".

<img class = "alignnone wp-image-411904 size-full" data-pagespeed-lazy-src = "https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/x4-Safe -Mode.png.pagespeed.gp + jp + jw + pj + ws + js + rj + rp + rw + ri + cp + md.ic.DHJU1M_D6P.png "alt =" Outlook header with text in safe mode "width = "615" height = "102" src = "/pagespeed_ayatic/1.JiBnMqyl6S.gif" onload = "pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this);" onerror = "this.onerror ="; the add-ins are disabled, with the exception of some key Microsoft Office add-ins. It is very unlikely that this will cause an Outlook problem. However, you can disable it manually when Outlook is open. The next time you open Outlook as usual (that is, not in safe mode), the add-ins will be re-enabled unless manually disabled.

Disabling Individual Add-Ins

Starting in safe mode indicates whether one of your add-ins is the problem, but if you want to disable a single add-in, such as a single add-in. This can also be, for example, one that has just been installed, or a Microsoft add-in that is not disabled in safe mode. Click File> Options and then the Add-Ins category on the left.

 The Add-Ins Option This permission is open; To enable or disable add-ins, make sure COM Add-Ins is selected in the drop-down list (this is the default, so you should not need to change them). Then click on "Go".

 The Go button for managing add-ins

This opens the COM Add-Ins dialog, where you can enable or disable add-ins.

 The COM Add-Ins Dialog

Enable and Disable is a checkbox – a check mark indicates that the add-in is enabled. No tick means that the add-in is disabled. To disable an add-in, deselect it and click OK.

 The [19659007] Dialog Box Important: Make sure you do not click "Remove." This uninstalls the selected add-in, not disabled!

When you return to File> Options> Add-ins, Disabled appears in the disabled add-ins area.

<img class = "alignnone wp-image-411909 size-full" data-pagespeed-lazy-src = "https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/x9-Disabled -Add-ins.png.pagespeed.gp + jp + jw + pj + ws + js + rj + rp + rw + ri + cp + md.ic.E9R8_4DBVD.png "alt =" The Add-Ins option displays a disabled option Addin to "width =" 546 "height =" 295 "src =" /pagespeed_static / 1. JiBnMqyl6S.gif "onload =" pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); "onerror =" this.onerror = null; pagespeed .lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); re-enable it. Test if your problem occurs when the add-in is disabled. If so, turn off your add-ins one by one until you find the culprit.

Enable individual add-ins

If you've found out which add-in is causing the problem (if any) If so, you can re-enable all other disabled add-ins: Enable individual add-ins is very easy ch: Disable it: Click File> Options> Add-ins. Make sure "COM Add-Ins" is selected in the drop-down menu. Then click "Go" to open the COM add-ins dialog.

Select the add-ins you want to enable and click OK. You may have to restart Outlook to load the add-ins. This is usually a good idea to make sure everything is in place Works properly.

You can disable and enable add-ins when you troubleshoot an Outlook issue. They are not always the cause, but if Outlook has worked properly and there is a problem after installing a new add-in, this is a good place to look.

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