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Disney Plus Discount: Buy two years and get the third year for free

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Disney Plus is scheduled to launch in the US on November 12th and will become one of the more affordable streaming services for $ 7 per month or $ 70 per year. But, if you're ready to sign up for a three-year subscription, you'll get Disney Plus at a discount of just $ 3.92 a month. This pre-order contract ends this weekend. Here are the details.

Disney Plus Discount

Disney recently launched a pre-order discount for Disney Plus that will allow subscribers to save $ 70 by signing up for a three-year membership with a D23 fan club membership (if you have not already doing so) in the fan club). Do not worry, there is a free D23 membership that will give you the Disney Plus discount.

At $ 70 a year, a three-year Disney Plus subscription costs $ 21

0. With this discount offer, the cost drops to about $ 140 for three years – that's about $ 47 a year.

The offer is available to D23 Gold, Gold Family and General members in the US. The general membership is free. After you open an account, you will receive an email from Disney with the Disney Plus discount offer. You can also search for a redemption link or button on your account page to sign up for the discount subscription.

The Disney Plus discount offer is valid until Monday, September 2nd . If you're not already in the D23 fan club, you'll need to sign up for a membership by Sunday, September 1st to use the Disney Plus deal.

Three-year rebate applies only to Disney Plus

Note that this offer does not include the other two streaming services of Disney, ESPN Plus and Hulu. A discount package is available for all three services which saves you $ 5 per month, which you would pay separately for all three services. The package costs $ 13 per month and includes Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and the ad-supported version of Hulu. (Applications for the bundle are not yet available.)

Update, August 27: This story was previously published and updated to take into account that the Disney Plus discount for both D23 free membership and paid Stages applies.

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