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Do not you want a flu? The 5 things you need to clean right now

Yes, it's already a flu season. Behind the flu shot, the second most important way to protect yourself from the virus is to keep you and your room clean.

While you're cleaning your bathroom and kitchen regularly (right?), It's especially important during the flu season.

Here are some simple routines to reduce the risk of becoming ill.

Wash Your Hands First

Look, you already know that the outside world is dirty, especially if you travel by public transport or work in an office. They come in contact with all sorts of germs every day and bring them home.

You should wash your hands often, especially during the flu season. Get used to washing your hands as soon as you get home ̵

1; it will be a long way to keep you healthy.

Disinfection of the most affected areas

Light switches, door handles, TV remote controls, refrigerator handle. All those high-traffic places in your home are touched several times a day and are probably teeming with pathogens.

Keep these areas clean by wiping them with a disinfectant spray or cleaning cloth every day. Look for cleansing products that are specifically designed to kill germs to keep viruses and bacteria like Clorox wipes or Lysol spray in check.

Blur Overlooked Surfaces

When did you last wipe your coffee table or bedside table? These stains also get dirty, but they are not cleaned that often.

The goal is to clean them every few days during the flu season, or more often if someone is actively ill at home. A disinfectant wipe is the easiest way, but always use something that is safe for the finish of your furniture.

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Clean Your Phone

You've probably heard that mobile phones can be much more germicidal than a toilet seat. We carry them everywhere and keep touching them, so it's no wonder they are so disgusting.

Wipe your phone at least once a week with a clean microfiber cloth. Stay away from the harsh antibacterial wipes you would use at home. You can ruin the coatings on the screen of your phone.

Choose a mix of water and alcohol or water and vinegar instead. Learn more about how to clean your phone here .

Often wash your sheets and towels

Are you your bedding and towels enough? Probably not.

If you or someone else is sick at home, it is important to wash your sheets in hot water every few days to get rid of germs.

Even better, give the sick person their own towel for the bathroom, so that they spread less germs.

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