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Do this to make sure you are not being billed for any mysterious subscriptions on your iPhone. «IOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

We hardly need to “buy” anything these days as games, music, books, news, movies and TV are available on iPhone with a variety of monthly subscriptions. Just set it up and forget about it and your wallet does all the work for you. However, if you’re on a free trial or two and don’t want to make a commitment, you might end up with an unexpected fee if you forgot or don’t know where to cancel. How to avoid that.

There are actually quite a few ways on the iPhone to verify that you have any free or paid subscriptions that you have taken out with your Apple ID from one of your connected Apple devices. Apple Arcade, Apple News +, Apple Music, and Apple TV +, and any Apple TV add-ons or third-party services appear in the same place.

You can access the same subscription management page through apps like Books, Music, and iTunes Store. However, since every second counts when a timely sub is canceled, the fastest routes are via Settings, the App Store and the TV app.

  • The settings: Apple ID -> Subscriptions
  • Appstore: Profile icon (from today, games, apps or arcade) -> Subscriptions
  • TV: Profile icon (from Watch Now) -> Manage Subscriptions
Via Settings (left), App Store (middle) and TV (right).

Once on the Subscriptions This page shows all renewals tied to your Apple ID, both active and expired. To cancel one, just tap below activeTap “Cancel Free Trial”

; or “Cancel Subscription” and then tap “Confirm” in the pop-up window.

Remember – these are only your Apple ID subscriptions. Other users might be floating out of other accounts, even for apps on your iPhone. If you think you’ve subscribed to something that you don’t see in the list, check out the app for yourself. GrubHub, DoorDash, Netflix, and Hulu are just a few examples of those that may not be associated with your Apple ID.

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Cover image, screenshots and GIFs by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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