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Do you actually protect toilet seat covers from germs? – LifeSavvy

  Airport bathroom with attached toilet seat cover made of paper
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When nature calls you answer ̵

1; but what if you have no seat cover for protection? The truth is, you do not have to worry. The thin piece of paper does not work and there is no chance of getting hurt.

No doubt: in public toilets there are bacteria of all kinds, which is why many people decide for a toilet seat cover to avoid skin contact; After all, dozens of strangers have used it in front of you, and that's not a convenient thought. However, it is essentially useless to discourage germs from using a sheet of paper as a protective layer against germs. Paper is a very porous material and allows the tiny microbes to get through the holes in your skin.

While this may sound a bit disconcerting, experts say you need not worry. In fact, contrary to popular belief, toilet seats are not transmitters of infectious diseases. Even if traces of disease-causing bacteria like E. coli were resting on the surface, it would be nearly impossible to catch them. You have an open wound on the buttocks that would allow the microbes to invade your system. In fact, our skin is the best protective barrier we have. As long as your skin is healthy and intact, you can be sure that no harmful microorganisms will make you sick.

There is no denying that entire bacterial colonies live on the surface of a public toilet seat. However, when the idea of ​​coming into direct contact with them frightens you, it is a comforting (and perhaps equally frightening) fact that your phone is coated with ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. If you have never gotten sick because you have answered a call on your phone, the likelihood of getting infected by using a public restroom is even lower.

So while they can give us a sense of security and comfort, the toilet seat covers can not really do much for us – they're more of a decorative piece than a protective barrier against germs. Nevertheless, prevention should never be overlooked. Maintaining a healthy habit of washing your hands with soap after going to the toilet and before each meal is an easy way to keep illness away and give you peace of mind.

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