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Download YouTube videos to the iPhone with two simple options

We all love to watch YouTube videos on our phones, but many of us do not like the data charges that videos bring. Some people are fortunate enough to have unlimited data, but most of us have limitations that reduce our YouTube bing. Luckily, if you need to watch YouTube on your device, there are a few simple ways to download YouTube videos to your iPhone. You can either download it to your computer and then transfer it to your iPhone or download an app to your phone that will download videos for you. The first option is a bit more cumbersome, but the second option is usually useless if you rely solely on your data tariff for the Internet on your phone. Let's take a look at both options to see which one is right for you.

Option 1
: Download PC / Mac to Your iPhone

This first option has a few extra steps, but it's not quite as painful as it seems. Yes, you need to sync the videos to your iPhone after downloading them to your PC. But the process of finding videos is faster when you search on your PC.

As for the actual process, there are two ways to go about it. You can download specific software that downloads videos and syncs to your iPhone without iTunes. I say you can, but it's a detour to download videos. All you need is a website and iTunes (which you should already have if you own an iPhone).

The best website for downloading YouTube videos is clipconverter.cc. I've used it many times and never had a problem with it, and it's the simplest side out there. To download YouTube videos, copy the URL into the field provided and then choose the desired resolution and file type. The site then converts it for you. Once you've downloaded the file, sync it to your iTunes library by dragging and dropping it into your video library. Remember, this only works if the file is an MP4.

Once you have the video in your library, connect your iPhone and sync. And that's exactly how you have a YouTube video right on your phone.

Option 2: Download YouTube videos with an app on the iPhone

If you want to avoid annoying downloading and syncing videos to your iPhone, you can always download it directly to your phone. There are a variety of apps that can help you with this. However, we can not recommend a specific one. The apps are often shut down or reported as malware. At the moment there are a few top favorites:

That could change in a few months. For general advice, you'll need to pay for the most reliable apps (which can be anywhere between 2-7). Otherwise you run the risk of getting something malicious.

If you're looking for something simple, the app route is the best option. Remember that it involves risks. You will make it much safer to download it to your PC first.

The Verdict

Downloading YouTube videos is not technically allowed, and it's certainly illegal if you plan to share them with others. However, if you download them for your personal use, you should use these methods to download them. Just keep in mind that download apps can present malware risks, but the PC route can be a bit tedious. It may be worthwhile, however, if it does not mean consuming all the valuable data.

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