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Easily borrow eBooks from your library on your phone or tablet

Your local library is probably offering over-drive eBooks and audiobooks. OverDrive can be a bit complicated, but the free Libby App for iPhone, iPad and Android makes it as easy and convenient as shopping on Amazon.

If your library supports OverDrive, all you need to do is download the Libby app and log in with your library card. Check the official website to see if your library supports OverDrive. Libby is actually manufactured by OverDrive and is also available on Windows 1


After signing in with your library card credentials, you can use the Libby app to search for available eBooks and audiobooks. If a book is available, you can immediately review, download and read it from the Libby app. If someone else reads the book and there are no free copies available, you can set a "hold" like a physical book. Libby automatically lends a held book as it becomes available.

Books you borrowed appear on your "shelf" in Libby. Everything works much like physical books. You can see when the book is due again and extend your loan if it is not held by anyone. When the loan period expires, Libby will automatically return the eBook to the library. You can also prematurely return a book when you're done – this lets others read without waiting.

All this was possible with OverDrive, but Libby just makes it a lot more comfortable than the old system. The best part is that everything is free – you just need a library card. You can even borrow books in Libby and send them to your Kindle.

Your local library is also likely to offer other free digital resources, including free streaming movies and TV shows, online classes, and digital newspaper access.

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