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El Capitan – 21 Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for the New Apple OS X | technology

. 1 Hide the menu bar

  el cap 1

If you have been using the Mac OS X software for a while, you know for sure that you can hide the dock so that it does not get in the way of the screen , New in El Capitan is the option to hide the menu bar in the same way: it disappears from the display until you move the mouse pointer all the way back to the screen. If you want to have as much space as possible for your applications and windows, you can find the setting on the General page of System Preferences.

. 2 Share the view

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As with iOS 9, El Capitan includes a new split view mode that lets you "snap" windows to one side of the screen's webpage for example (and yes, it's similar like the catch feature Windows has had for some time). To dock a window, click and hold the green zoom button and drag it to the left or right; You will then be prompted to choose another window to fill the other page. Drag the middle edge to change its position.

. 3 Find the Mouse Pointer Easier

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You may see this as a small improvement, but many people will find it very useful – if you lose track of your mouse pointer on the screen, wobble Move your fingers quickly over the trackpad and the cursor gets bigger so you can find it again. Keep in mind that Apple produces 5K displays today, so keeping an eye on the cursor is not so easy. From the Apple menu, go to System Preferences to find more mouse and trackpad options.

. 4 Skipping the Trash Bin

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Another feature that Windows users have been using for many years is the ability to immediately delete files in the trash without spending time (useful for sensitive files you do not necessarily want ) are recovered). With El Capitan, you can also do this in Apple's operating system: either press Option + Command + Delete with the appropriate selected files, or hold down the Option key, open the File menu, and select Clear Now. However, make sure that you have marked the correct files first as they are almost impossible to get back.

. 5 Keep your friends up to date

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Find My Friends is now a native app in iOS 9 and an official widget has also been added to El Capitan. When you open the Notification Center on the right side of the OS X display and switch to the Today tab, an Edit button will appear, allowing you to add the widget. It lets you track friends, relatives, and anyone else who has agreed to share their location from their iOS device: Click on one of the listed profiles to see a map tile.

. 6 Optimize Notification Center Layout

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The Notification Center is your hub for managing all the important alerts and updates coming from your apps. Therefore, any type of accommodation should be a welcome place. El Capitan adds the option to group your notifications by date (the new method) or app (the old method used in Yosemite). You can switch between the two modes by going to System Preferences, opening the Notifications screen, and then clicking the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window. Again, individual app alerts can be customized.

. 7 Renaming files from the context menu

  el cap 7

Another small but potentially important optimization in El Capitan (depending on how you use it) is to rename files from the context menu in the Finder, rather than pressing Enter a new filename: Ctrl + click on a file to get to the menu where Rename is located. It's not clear why the Apple development team took so long to add this alternative method, but they may have thought about making it easier to switch windows, where right-clicking is often the most intuitive way to rename a file. [19659004] 8. Track One-Click Flights

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El Capitan includes a number of new features based on the concept of automatically scanning and recognizing text in your documents and messages. One of these new features is the ability to track flights when a real flight number is detected: when you see a highlighted field around a flight number in Notes or in Mail, you can click on it to see details of where the plane is going when it should arrive there. Now there is less excuse for not being at the airport, if need be.

. 9 Performing Natural Searches

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OS X's Comprehensive Search Tool Spotlight is updated in El Capitan, an upgrade that lets you find files and information in native language. To get an idea of ​​what we mean, look for "Last June photos" or "Spreadsheets" to see what's coming up. You can also get weather, sports and inventory information from the web via the UI, as well as find YouTube and Vimeo videos along with Spotlight's usual tricks. To top it off, you can now move the Spotlight panel around the screen – an innovation.

10th Make Richer Notes

  el cap 10

As always, Apple's main apps are upgraded at the same time as OS X, and Notes offers a wealth of new features to play with. Notes can now include, for example, drawings, checklists, video files, and map locations, and it looks like Apple is serious about taking over Evernote (recalling that Notes received a similar upgrade in iOS 9). After you upgrade your computer to El Capitan, Notes also appears in the Share menu when you visit it from other apps.

. 11 Check the public transport in Maps

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As with iOS 9, the major upgrade for Apple Maps is the support of public transport, allowing you to plan a route from A to B by buses and trains and trams. Unfortunately, it is currently supported in only a handful of major cities in the world, including London in the UK and New York and San Francisco in the US. If it's available in your region, click the new "Transit" button at the top of the "Directions" panel on the left to see your options, and then click to see more information.

12th Editing Metadata

  el cap 12

Metadata is the semi-hidden information that is stored next to your mobile photos when they are taken, such as the date and time of the snapshot, and usually the GPS location you are in were located. El Capitan gives you the ability to edit this metadata as needed (many photo-management tools use it to keep your pictures in order) – in the Photos app, double-click the info button (an "i" in a circle) On the date and time to make changes. You can also drag the red card to edit its location.

. 13 Installing Photo Extensions

  el cap 13

El Capitan lets you install third-party photo applications as extensions to the main Photos application. This means you can access the editing tools and other options from within. Switch between apps constantly. To get started, you need to install a compatible app that supports photo enhancements (such as Macphun Tonality or BeFunky Express) and then enable Extensions in the System Preferences pane. If an image in Photos is open, click Edit, and then click Extensions to search for the newly installed app and available features.

fourteenth Use gestures in Mail

  el cap 14

The mail app that ships with El Capitan provides new gesture support so you can navigate through your inbox faster than ever before. Swipe with two fingers on the trackpad to mark messages as read or unread (move to the right) or throw away (to the left). Another useful new feature is the ability to minimize e-mail layouts by clicking on the yellow button. This means that you can finally return to your inbox in the email app without discarding the email you are about to write] 15. Add events and contacts from emails

  el cap 15

El Capitan's Mail app is smarter than Yosemite's: it can recognize names and events in your messages and automatically recognize them in your contacts or calendar apps Add. You do not have to do anything to enable this feature. Just click the Add button that appears at the top of emails, or open the pop-up menu next to the information. If you do not want to add it to your other apps, just ignore it. The usefulness of this feature ultimately depends on how smart mail can scan your messages for data.

sixteenth Online Videos Moved to Apple TV

  el cap 16

A small but significant new feature in El Capitan, if it's something you'll be using: the ability to watch a particular online video via AirPlay on Apple TV to stream instead of streaming the entire browser window. When you start Safari and open a compatible video page (a YouTube clip works fine), you should see an AirPlay button on the playback toolbar. Click on it and then select your Apple TV from the list. Quicktime videos also work, but you must use Safari as your browser application.

17th Pin Tabs in Safari

  el cap 17

If you've used a different browser besides Safari on your Mac, you know how fixed tabs work. El Capitan updates Apple's own browser to provide the same functionality. Click and hold a tab in Safari, then drag it to the left to fix it – pinned tabs remain on the left side of the screen even when you close and restart the browser. They are useful for Windows that you need to refer to, such as your email client or Twitter feed. Drag a tab to the right to release it.

18th Mute Tabs in Safari

  el cap 18

Fewer browsing experiences are more frustrating than auditioning from an unidentified tab somewhere in open windows, but the El Capitan edition of Safari relieves the pain a bit a small speaker inserts symbol on the tab, which is to blame. You can also click this icon once to disable the tab so you can continue surfing without further interruption. In addition, a speaker icon appears in the address bar: you can either click on it to mute the current tab (when playing audio), or mute all background tabs (if not).

19th Customizing the Safari Reader View

  el cap 19

Did you know that Apple's web browser has a Reader view that hides the ads and other distractions from a page so you can focus on the text? The function that can be accessed by clicking the horizontal line icon to the left of the address bar is not new in El Capitan, but it is new to customize this view: Click on An icon on the right side of the address bar in the Reader view, to change the fonts, colors, and text size as needed.

20th Double-click window sizes

  el cap 20

Another of El Capitan's small but useful features is double-clicking on window title bars. In previous versions of the operating system, this would cause the dock window to be minimized, but El Capitan will switch between a larger and a smaller window size. To change what setting the software uses, open System Preferences and click the Dock icon: On the following screen, open the drop-down menu next to Double-click the title of a window and make your selection. The two window sizes can be adjusted manually by dragging the edges of the window as usual.

21st Enjoy faster gaming performance

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With the introduction of Mac OS X El Capitan, OS X is getting the same Metal technology as iOS 9 – giving game developers the ability to write low-level code graphics Chip directly, reduce unnecessary inflation and (theoretically) give you a faster, smoother gaming experience. This is not a tip on which you can really do anything, or turn it on and off, but it's something else to look out for as you run third-party software on Apple's latest desktop operating system, especially visually demanding applications. 19659064]
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