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Enable (or disable) and use the touch mode in Word

The Microsoft Word interface is optimized for your mouse by default. However, for users with touch-sensitive screens, it may be difficult to select commands with the more compact mouse mode. Enabling touch mode increases the size of your ribbon, buttons, and menu commands so you can better tap it with your finger.

Enabling Touch Mode

Only a few steps are required to activate Touch Mode. First, click on the little arrow to the right of the quick access bar.

  Quick Access Toolbar

This opens a menu where you can add and remove commands from the Quick Access Toolbar. It also includes the "Touch / Mouse Mode" option that you should now enable.

  Touch_Mouse mode

After adding this option to the Quick Access Toolbar, a new icon will appear allowing you to open a menu. You can switch between Mouse and Touch modes.

  Mouse and Touch

Continue and select the "Touch" option. You'll notice right away that the Ribbon and Quick Access bar are not only growing in size, but there's more space between each command.

  Mouse Mode
Mouse Mode
  Touch Mode
Touch Mode

It should now be easier to type a command with your fingers to return to mouse mode, simply select the mouse in Quick Access

Using Touch Mode

In addition to the more spacious Ribbon, Touch Mode offers several advantages. A key benefit is that you can fully use the "draw" options with your finger or pen. To see what's available, go to the Draw tab, which is automatically available to touch-sensitive computers.

  Character Register

There are several options available to you, including drawing tools, conversion options, and even inserting a canvas to your Word document

For example, you can use natural gestures to manipulate text in a document. To access this option, click the Ink Editor button on the Draw tab.

 Ink Editor

The Ink Editor lets you use the following gestures to manipulate your document:

  • Draw a circle to select text
  • Draw a line through a text to delete it
  • Select a highlighter from the Pens group and draw it with a text
  • . Draw a curve to join two words [19659023] Draw a vertical line between the words to divide them
  • Insert text between words by drawing a caret symbol (^) between them.
  • Draw a back L shape to create a new line.
  • You can also draw shapes, mark text, and write words with your finger or pen using the other commands on the Draw tab. Play around with the available "Draw" options and find out what else is useful to you.

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