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Enable two-factor authentication for your Amazon account

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an excellent security tool that we always recommend. Most apps make it pretty easy to enable 2FA, and Amazon is no exception. So activate it and make yourself safer.

You must be logged into your Amazon account on either your Amazon or Amazon app on your phone. After logging in, go to your account> Login & Security and click the Edit button next to "Advanced Security Settings".


At the top of the page next to "Two, click" Step-by-step verification "on" Getting Started. "(And yes, Amazon calls this a two-step verification instead of a two-factor authentication, but it is the same.)


Now you can choose how you want to get your 2FA codes, we recommend that you use an authentication app, as we'll show here, but you can also use SMS, as it is better not to use 2FA at all.

 The QR Code and the MFA Code Text Box

The first step in this process is to install your Authenticator app We assume that you have already done so.The second step is to open the authentication app and add an account:

  • If you use the Amazon website: Hold your phone camera on the from Amazon shown QR code and follow the instructions in your app.
  • If you use the Amazon app on your phone: Copy the displayed long code and manually add it to your authentication app.

Finally, enter the code generated by your authentication app in the Enter box on the Amazon page in the OTP text box, click "Check Code and Continue."

If you're using the Amazon app on your phone, the process is now complete.

When you're signed in to Amazon The next step is to learn about using 2FA when you're on a device that can not see a second screen. There is no information about what these devices are, but the pictures suggest earlier versions of the Kindle. In our tests with up to five-year-old Kindles, there was no 2FA prompt at all, so there may not be a problem here. However, we still recommend checking all devices that use your Amazon account to make sure you can access your account as expected.

On the same page, you can tell Amazon that your current browser does not require 2FA verification by checking the "Do not require codes for this browser" box. You should only do this if you are on your own computer, not on a different or shared computer.

If you have set your browser to delete cookies when you close the browser, this only works if you tell your browser to make an exception to Amazon cookies. It's up to you if this is worth the trade-off between simpler applications. Then click on "Understood. If you enable the 2-step verification button, you're done.


button You return to the Advanced Security Settings page. [19659003]   The

Unlike some apps, Amazon does not provide backup codes for problems with 2FA. Instead, you'll receive a text message if your authentication app is not working properly. If all else fails, you need to call them for help. Customer service from Amazon is surprisingly good. Ideally, however, you would like to solve problems yourself, especially login problems. On the Advanced Security Settings page, there is a Backup Methods section with the option to add a new phone.


Use this option to add a recovery phone for these SMS codes can be sent to if you lose your primary phone. If you do not have a second phone, use the phone number of a trusted family member or friend (with his permission). Otherwise, you'll need to contact Amazon if your account is suspended.

Now your Amazon account is set up and configured for 2FA. If you have the Amazon app on your phone, you do not need to enter 2FA code as long as it's the same phone you use to authenticate the Amazon website. Do you want more MFA goodness? See our other manuals for Gmail, O365, Apple ID, and Slack.

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