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Everything iOS 14 Changed for Siri (and How It Made Your Life Easier)

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Apple’s newest iPhone ($ 699 on Amazon) Operating system, iOS 1

4, is now available for download, and is packed with useful new features to help you get things done faster and easier. The Shortcuts app The new operating system in particular offers a major upgrade with more options to automate tasks, so you can get your phone to do what you need to do without moving a muscle.

This is how the new shortcut feature works, so you can get started right away once you have iOS 14 installed on your iPhone.

What is the shortcuts app?

Siri shortcuts is an app that lets you automate certain tasks or sequences of tasks that you can trigger with a tap of your finger or a Siri voice command. If you know you want to silence your phone for 30 minutes a day while you read, for example, you can create a shortcut. So all you have to do is say “Siri, do not disturb timer” (or whatever command you prefer). . Or you want to set a shortcut so that Siri automatically lowers the screen brightness and deactivates the location services when a certain battery level is reached to save the battery.

Apple introduced shortcuts in iOS 12. The app is included by default and it’s easy to get started. In iOS 14, open the app, tap the Automation tab at the bottom, then tap Create a personal automation. You can also set up automations that work for everyone in your home.

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What’s new in Shortcuts in iOS 14?

In the past, you may have had to jump into the Shortcuts app to complete a task, Shortcuts engineer Daniel Hsu told about new features during a WWDC meeting in June. In iOS 14, shortcuts run seamlessly in the background, only prompting you when you need to enter information. For example, if you have a shortcut to calculate tips, you will be prompted to enter the invoice.

New folders make it easier to find and track links. And finally you can use the Shortcuts app on one Apple Watch with WatchOS 7, to.

iOS 14 also has more options for automating tasks, allowing you to take actions based on triggers such as time of day, arriving at a location, or opening an app. You can set up a shortcut so that when you open a journaling app, for example, your phone automatically goes into Do Not Disturb mode and starts writing playlists via Apple Music.

With the new operating system, you can trigger shortcuts with more actions, such as: B. Open an email or message, close an app, or connect the phone to the charger. It also supports more automated shortcuts that do not require any action on your part, such as: For example, creating a weather report and starting a playlist at a specific time in the morning or shutting down apps when the phone goes to sleep. You can customize your shortcuts (automated or otherwise) in the app exactly as you want.

You can find suggestions for things to automate on the Gallery tab of the Shortcuts app. Also check out our list of 10 Best iOS Shortcuts and How They Work for some inspiration.

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