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Everything you need for your new kitten – Review Geek

Kittens are pretty great. So are cats. Bringing a new home is an exciting time, but you need to make sure you have the right accessories to keep you happy, happy, and well taken care of. Here are a lot of great little things for your new kitten. Remember, though cats are often a bit more picky than dogs, so do not be surprised if it takes time to convince the little devil that you've bought them the right one!

Bowls: Lorde Cat Bowls ($ 1

Sure, you can buy some cat bowls that are dirt cheap, but the Lorde Cat Bowls will look much better in your kitchen, and they're designed to keep things for your cat easier to do. That's because they're bent in a certain way, so your cat can easily get to food or water without the risk of whisker fatigue or a dirty face. The dirty face thing is not just a superficial consideration; Many cats are sensitive to cheap plastics and metals – they can have reactions to the material and get some kind of cat acne (which they then scratch angrily). This bowl is made of non-porous melamine and is designed to help avoid the mess (and visit an expensive veterinarian). The non-slip legs ensure that they do not chase behind the ground.

Remember to keep the food and water bowl separate and within close range of each other. Cats prefer to arrange things the way they prefer their "prey" and water source.

Cat Tree: SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post ($ 42)

Cats love to scratch and you obviously would not like to scratch your furniture, carpets or legs. Buy the SmartCat Ultimate Scratch Post and you do not have to worry about replacing it for a number of years. We checked it earlier in the year and it really is an amazing design.

Made of durable fibrous sisal, it feels perfect on your cat's claws and is also tough and durable – even in a multi-cat household you should expect it to take years. It's super easy to assemble, and there's no risk of it turning over thanks to a wide and heavy base.

Alternative Cat Tree: AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratched Marks ($ 36)

Kittens love climbing, so it makes sense to buy an additional scratching post if you can stretch your budget to a second. The AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts is a good place to start. Do not expect its scratch potential to be as good as the SmartCat Post, but have fun watching your kitten climbing and resting up in the Crow's Nest. Also, if you pair them together, they will most likely go to town to scratch the SmartCat post and use it mainly as a jungle gym.

It's easy to assemble with a sturdy base so it does not tumble over. Anything that makes your kitten happy during your "Zoomie" moment is worth the price.

Bed: K & H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed ($ 38)

In my experience I still have to find a cat bed where my embarrassing cat will sleep. It's like he feels it's special to him, and usually chooses another surface over it. However, if you have a normal cat, the Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed by K & H Pet Products is an ideal and comfortable solution for you.

The cat bed is cozy not only because of its soft foam walls, but because it also has a built-in heating element. The heater consumes only 4 watts, but it is just right for it to heat up to the pet's body temperature in use. Your cat is not stupid. It will soon be appreciated that this is the warmest place to cuddle. Unless, of course, your cat is my cat – and he's really stupid.

Mouse: SmartyKat Value Pack Cat Toy ($ 8)

Cats love to play, but honestly? You do not have to spend a ton of money on things that make you happy. These SmartyKat Value Pack Cat Toys 10 pack toy mice will delight you. Each mouse contains catnip and cats LOVE catnip.

They are small enough to strike and carry around, as well as inevitably to lose under furniture. Even if your cat is like mine. The combination of fun toy and catnip means you'll get a few minutes of excitement followed by a rested cooled cat. Perfect for everyone.

Laser Toy: PetSafe Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy ($ 30)

If you would like to spend more on a cat toy then the PetSafe Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy is a great option. It uses two lasers that rotate 360 ​​degrees to entertain several cats at the same time. In essence, your cat has something new and exciting to hunt for, and that's what cats like best.

It's quiet and works with minimal electronic sounds, so you will not go crazy and your cat will not. You can just turn it on and leave your cats up to 15 minutes before, so it's great to have to distract your kitten while you start working on it.

Drinking Fountains: IsYoung Cat Fountain 1.6L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Pet Water Dispenser ($ 24)

Many cats refuse to drink water from a bowl because it is stagnant and therefore unsafe (in their heads). Sorry my cat is crazy and goes outside to drink water from buckets and puddles; Most cats prefer a drinking fountain. The isYoung Cat Fountain 1.6L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Pet Water Dispenser is an Affordable Option

It looks pretty stylish and cute, but more importantly, it has a decent capacity of 56 ounces. Easy to assemble, it is also easy to clean. Best of all, it's pretty quiet so you and your pet will not be disturbed by the noise it produces.

Litter Box: AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Toilet ($ 20)

The litter box technology is far more advanced than it is entitled to be. In reality, however, a low-cost and simple solution like the AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box will work well. Because it's hooded, it gives your cat some privacy, and it also helps contain the garbage inside the box.

It also has carbon filter traps inside, so the smell of litter boxes is reduced, which means no unpleasant odors for you. It is simple but effective.

Collar: Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar with Bell, Set of 3 ($ 9)

Your cat needs a collar, even if you chipped her (which you should definitely do). The Bemix Pets Reflecting Cat Collar with Bell, Set of 3 is the perfect entry. A reflective collar means that cars and people are more likely to see them in the dark, while the bell keeps prey like birds or rodents who know their hunting machine is coming to them.

And a set of three? Well, chances are your cat will lose one or two collars over time. Whether it comes to shredding or getting caught in a tree, it will happen (do not worry, these are collapsing collars). A well-priced bundle package is a great way to make sure you're ready for that eventuality.

Brushing Glove: DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Glove ($ 8)

Cats, like any furry creature, have very easily deposited hair. To save your carpet and upholstery damage, buy the DELOMO Pet Hair Removal Glove and enjoy a soothing brushstroke.

Many cats do not like the sight of a conventional hairbrush, so this glove bypasses problems. It just feels like they are being stroked as usual, but with you they get their hair over the lowering tool. Everyone is happy this way.

Cat Door: Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap ($ 80)

You want your cat to go free and enter the house, but you do not want anything else. The Cat-Mate microchip cat flap is a good solution to this problem. It only allows your cat to use the door because it recognizes it via its microchip. And you chipped your cat, right?

Easy to install in your home, it will not take much to train your cat to use it properly. Your cat will certainly appreciate this level of independence, and you will be pleased to not stroll the neighbor's cat at any time.

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