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Everything You Need to Know About Inns and Greenhouses in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

We Harry Potter fans remind us all of Hogwarts students who moved into the Greenhouses of the Chamber of Secrets Mandrake Roots. Well, in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we now have the opportunity to work in our own greenhouses and dine in the Inns on the map. Let's take a look at how these two facilities help you on your magical AR journey.

If you're exploring the map of Wizards Unite, which of course is a map of every place you're in, you'll find greenhouses and inns in abundance. The "Green" houses in this game look blue and are decorated glass structures, while the Inns are tall wooden houses. In order to enter at any time, you must be near the actual location. The game tells you if you need to get closer to one before you can enter.

Inns and greenhouses behave differently, but very similar. Both offer rewards to the players and, once used, can no longer be called for five minutes. However, this is usually not a problem, as you will probably find another inn or greenhouse that is right next to the one you have just visited. They also provide players with a detailed game mechanic that helps them fight against The Calamity.

What is the difference between these locations? Let's dive into:


In Wizards Unite, innkeepers have agreed to let witches and wizards fighting the "The Calamity" eat in their facilities for free. This food replenishes your magical energy used in battle against enemies in Wizard challenges. If you go to a fortress to compete with enemies, you should first dive into an inn!

When you enter an inn, you encounter a handful of floating bowls and a glyph at the bottom of the display. Trace the glyph like any other in Wizards Unite, and the plates begin to fly across the screen. Finally, you receive your free food, and as such, your magic energy increases.

After that, you'll see a timer at the bottom of the screen that shows you how long you're left to wait before returning to that particular Inn. The inn also displays a chimney on the map to indicate the same. In the meantime, if you need to increase your magic energy immediately, look for the nearest inn in the meantime.

Dark Detectors & Inns

Dark detectors allow you to find more dangerous tracks near inns during your adventure. You can activate up to three detectors in an inn to see some evil foundables that you would not otherwise find. These items can be found on the ascent or purchase in Diagon Alley. In the game, however, you get your first one for free.

When entering an inn, at the bottom right, tap on "Dark Detectors". The game takes you through a tutorial on using Dark Detectors and gives you one that you can try for free. Tap the "Eye" button at the bottom of the display to activate the detector that is given its codename. You can use up to three dark detectors simultaneously in one inn, so you can buy another by tapping the bottom button again. However, it may happen that other players have already placed a dark detector in an inn.


On the back are greenhouses. Greenhouses not only replenish your magic energy, but also collect and grow ingredients for brewing potions. This is useful in combat, as potions can increase your chances of defeating an opponent.

Collecting Ingredients

When you enter a greenhouse, three potted plants float in the air, just like the dishes you'll find in Inns. Do not try to tap on these pots, otherwise nothing will happen and you assume that the game is broken. Instead, you have to raise the pot of your choice. If you do, you will pick up the root and reveal your potion ingredient or, in some cases, magic energy.

Just like Inns, you can pick them up after you pick them up Do not return your item in the greenhouse for another five minutes. The greenhouse is marked on the map with a red flag indicating that you have not returned yet.

Growing Ingredients

While collecting Of ingredients is just a one-swipe shop, cultivation is a little more complicated. They are a community affair, so anyone can enter these greenhouses and contribute to their cultivation. You will eventually grow seed and water ingredients that you will find as you walk through the map. If there is already an ingredient inside, you'll see a timer that indicates how much time the plant needs to grow inside, and a bright green aura surrounding the building.

Go to one of these Greenhouse locations and type thereon. Tap the Grow tab at the bottom to get started. If you're the first user in this cycle, you can tap the green Grow icon to see a list of ingredients you can grow. Tap the copper button "Grow" to add seeds and water and get started. If you do not have enough, this copper button will dimmed instead.

When you start an attachment yourself or encounter an asset in progress, a Magic Power meter is displayed at the top of the screen. This indicates how many potential ingredients this plant will deliver in a Growth Session. In each pot only one kind of ingredient grows. The blue bar in this display indicates how much other players have invested in magic energy. So, how many ingredients this plant should deliver at the moment.

The gray meter shows that you can plant up to nine "Leaping Toadstools" out of it. The blue bar indicates how many Leaping Toadstools are made based on the total amount of Spell Energy donated. photo by Niantic

You can add magic power to this plant by tapping the (+) button. The more you type, the more magic energy you add to the ad. When you're satisfied with the amount of spell energy you cast, track the glyph on the screen to cast the Herbivicus spell and complete your sessions. When the greenhouse timer expires, you will find ingredients right outside the greenhouse that are available to any player passing the greenhouse.

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