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Extra Absorbency at a Reasonable Price – Review Geek

7.5 / 10

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  • 3 – Heavily defective design
  • 4 – Some advantages, many disadvantages
  • 5 – Acceptable imperfectly
  • 6 – Good enough for that Sale
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Price: $ 270

  Side view of RoboVac 11S Max.
Side view of RoboVac 11S Max.

We love Eufys robotic vacuum cleaner. They are affordable, effective and easy to use. Eufy's new robotic vacuum cleaner, the RoboVac 11S Max ($ 270 in retail, $ 199 for sales promotion), is no exception. After putting it into operation, it is clear that the 11S Max sucks in a good way.

What we like

  • Great suction
  • Good at cleaning corners
  • Easy to program program
  • Intuitive remote control
  • Excellent for pet owners
  • Rail recognition for cleaning upstairs

And What we do not

  • At 270 USD, the Smarthome integration
  • should not be compatible with bounding strips [19659004] Do not map the space

Eufy (an extension of Anker, the portable battery company) was in the business for a while vacuum robot game. Their goal is to sell nonsensical, reliable robotic vacuum cleaners that can start cleaning immediately. The RoboVac 11S Max is, as the name implies, an updated version of the standard RoboVac 11S.

The differences between the 11S and the 11S Max are small. While the standard 11S has a suction capacity of 1,300 Pa, the 11S Max has a suction capacity of 2,000 Pa (Pascal is a measure of force or pressure). While the 11S has disposable dust filters, the 11S Max has a washable dust filter. Apart from a $ 40 increase in retail price and a slightly larger trash can, these are the only improvements.

Do these enhancements make the 11S Max a worthwhile midrange robotic vacuum cleaner? And is it really worth $ 40 more than the standard 11S? Here is our experience:

Easy Setup and Easy Remote Control

Setting up the RoboVac 11S Max is a breeze. The modest packaging is easy to penetrate and everything is clear. It comes with a remote control, a charging station, two pairs of corner brushes (a beetle – like arm on the vacuum cleaner), a detangling brush and a pack of cable ties to keep loose TV or USB cables off the floor (the vacuum can get caught on cables.) [19659027] If you read the RoboVac quick start guide, you'll find it easy to set up, so simple that I skipped the instructions and still used the RoboVac after about two minutes, and I do not even have the batteries in the remote Eufy recommends that you charge the vacuum before the first cycle, I guess I was a little bit upset

  The front and back of the RoboVac remote There's a handy icon button on the back, so that you can use it You do not have to remember the manual.
Front and back of the RoboVac remote control There is a handy symbol button, so you do not have to remember the manual.

My first reaction to the remote control was the hesitation. Remote controls are usually clunky and not intuitive, and I think of all robotic vacuum cleaners (including Eufys "C" vacuum cleaners) that can be controlled with a phone. But as it turns out, the remote control is great. It is easy to use, has a handy key on the back and the buttons are arranged intuitively.

Technically, you do not even have to use the remote. Once the RoboVac has been removed from the charging station and placed on the carpet, you can simply tap the power button to start the automatic cleaning mode. However, you should use the remote because you can access a variety of other cleaning modes. You can tell the RoboVac to focus on the edges of the room, clean up an area, or return to the charging station. You can even adjust the vacuum after a daily cleaning schedule or manually control the direction with a few buttons.

A small vacuum with high suction power

The RoboVac 11S Max can suck pretty well. It has a suction capacity of 2,000 Pa (Pascal), which is almost double that of the standard 11S. However, this is still much less suction than a conventional vacuum, which normally operates at 20,000 Pa. How effective is the 11S?

The 11S Max has three different suction modes. A "standard" mode, a powerful "Max" mode and a "BoostIQ" mode that automatically adjusts the suction power to the cleanliness and texture of the floor.

I've rarely seen the RoboVac 11S Max reach its maximum power mode, which is fine with me. Even in standard mode, the 11S Max looks like this as if it had the suction power of a full-size vacuum. It picks up crumbs, cat hair, dirt and dead leaves and leaves pleasant "vacuum marks" on the carpet. There is always a disgusting amount of cat hair in my house (enough to build a new cat), which is much appreciated.

Somehow it does it all without making a racket. Even with the improved suction power of the 11S Max, only about 60 dB of noise (some of which are likely to be absorbed by the carpet) is released. I've tried to run it on TV, and it's hardly a disruption. The suction mode "Max" is a bit noisy, but rarely changes to the "Max" mode.

  The bottom of the RoboVac. Everything is clear and easy to handle. The trash can is pretty big.
The bottom of the RoboVac. Everything is clear and the trash can is pretty big.

What I appreciate about RoboVac, however, are the insect-like brushes. These brushes are designed to remove dirt and dust from the edges of walls and furniture and do an excellent job. I did not know how much nasty crap was missing with my big vacuum. If anything, I would suggest the RoboVac only for its ability to clean corners – it's a luxury.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to how the RoboVac works the first time you use it. It takes away some of the magic, but you have to make sure there are no strange obstacles around. If the RoboVac encounters a loose USB cable, a funky carpet or a pile of yarn, it will be difficult to handle the situation. And while the RoboVac turns off automatically when it gets stuck, it's better to avoid this problem first.

He cleans up the ground by bumping into everything.

Some robotic vacuum cleaners have built-in "mapping" technology. They use radio or lidar to learn how to shape a room and use this information to make cleaning as efficient as possible.

The RoboVac 11S Max is not a high-tech device. Instead, it runs around blindly and bumps into everything until the 100-minute battery is empty. In a way, it's a bit frustrating to see. If my RoboVac misses a point, all I have to do is remember that it will eventually arrive there. I also have to remember that space allocation technology is expensive and a more efficient cleaning style is probably not worth an extra $ 100 to $ 200.

Well, to be honest, it's clear that the RoboVac takes full advantage of its cleaning method. When it hits a wall, it tries to run along the wall and clean the corners. When it bumps against a table leg, it runs around trying to find hidden dirt and debris. It also knows how to avoid danger, and we have to talk about it.

I tried to lower my RoboVac down the stairs.

I live in a two-story house and when I brought the RoboVac upstairs, I stumbled upon an interesting idea. The RoboVac comes without limit strips. So what can stop him from falling down the stairs? It bumps into walls and furniture like a clumsy idiot – will it treat a Sims with the same folly?

So, like any good citizen, I tried to make my RoboVac fall down the stairs. I am not ashamed to admit this, since all great achievements of humanity are at the expense of life itself. In the words of Voltaire: "When his Highness sends a ship to Egypt, does he bother his head, whether the mice on board feel comfortable or not?"

  The 11S Max sways on the edge of a flight of stairs.
] The RoboVac is nearing its possible demise.

I am still amazed at the results of my experiment. If the RoboVac encounters an edge in automatic mode, it simply stops, rotates and continues cleaning, as nothing happened. Even in manual mode, the RoboVac refuses to fall down the stairs, no matter how hard you press the Forward button on the remote.

On closer examination, it is clear that the RoboVac has a down-facing IR sensor, which must be a strip detector. I really appreciate this design choice. I can run my robotic vacuum cleaner upstairs without worrying about the consequences. However, I am not sure if this can compensate for the lack of borderline compatibility. Certain rooms or areas of the house (the kitchen, a room full of yarns and fabrics, etc.) can be dangerous to the RoboVac. Since a scheduler is built-in for unattended use, it only makes sense to include border strips to aid this unattended use.

Maintenance is child's play

As with any vacuum cleaner, the RoboVac must be cleaned regularly. Eufy suggests that you throw out the contents and tear off any animal hair from the brushes after every use. But do not worry, the RoboVac is much easier to clean than a regular vacuum cleaner.

The dust bin can be easily removed from the RoboVac 11S Max and includes a small washable dust filter (an upgrade to the standard 11S). Although these components do not need to be washed every time I use them, I often rinse them out. Vacuum cleaners can easily break if they are not maintained, and I would like to take no risks with the RoboVac.

RoboVac brushes should also be cleaned occasionally, especially if you have pets. Luckily, these brushes are easy to remove, and the RoboVac comes with a handy cleaning tool that makes the removal of animal hair child's play. With this tool, you can also clean the wheels of the vacuum cleaner, but in my experience, the hair of pets does not hang too often.

The corner brushes of the RoboVac do not require much attention. They just wear off over time. Eufy adds an extra pair of corner brushes to the RoboVac, and they're super cheap on Amazon, so they really are not worth the trouble.

A few complaints

It's hard to complain about the RoboVac 11S Max. It works well, is easy to use, easy to clean and does not fall down the stairs. I only have three complaints, and to be honest, I find it silly to find anything to complain about.

It's a great vacuum at $ 270. I think it's cheap. But should not all robotic vacuum cleaners (particularly $ 270 robotic vacuum cleaners) be equipped with an app and smarthome integration? The remote works fine, do not get me wrong, but with my phone, everything is faster and easier. In addition, with smarthome integration, I could control the RoboVac with voice commands or custom routines. It just seems like a mysteriously absent feature, and while it's not a deal-breaker to me, it could be a deal-breaker to others. It is also worth mentioning that the Eufy vacuum cleaner series "C" with smarthome integration is delivered at the same price, but does not have nearly the same suction capacity (1,300 Pa) as the RoboVac 11S Max (2,000 Pa).

  A glimpse of the 11S Max's downside IR sensor.
A glimpse of the 11S Max's downside IR sensor. This prevents it from falling down the stairs.

There is also the problem of space allocation. Some robotic vacuum cleaners use radar or lidar to map your room in 3D, which makes cleaning more efficient. Even though I do not mind the RoboVac 11S Max blind cleaning method, I think it wastes energy by banging against walls rather than looking around a room. This is a minor complaint (especially as the room card technology is likely to double the price of the RoboVac), but with a battery life of 100 minutes, the RoboVac would benefit from a more efficient cleaning method.

And as you already know, I'm hung up on the missing border strip. They are not required – the RoboVac 11S Max can not fall down the stairs, but I still want to keep it out of certain rooms without having to close the door. And it's not that I can only buy a few boundary strips because the 11S Max does not support them at all.

The RoboVac 11S Max is a great little vacuum. I would recommend it to anyone, especially for its ease of use and ability to clean corners. For its price, it is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners you can buy for money, even if it is not delivered with a handy app.

Nevertheless, the 11S Max is not very different from the standard 11S. The extra suction power and washable filters add up to $ 40, and the $ 199 special on the 11S Max makes it child's play. Once the promotional price period ends on June 24, it may be worth keeping a close eye on all the offers for the 11S – it may be worth taking a look.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Price: $ 270

What we like

  • Great suction
  • Good for cleaning corners
  • Easy to program [19659004] Intuitive remote control
  • Great for pet owners
  • Grooming detection for upstairs cleaning

And what we do not do

  • At $ 270, the Smarthome integration
  • should not be compatible with boundary strips
  • The Function "Do not allocate space"

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