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Facebook offers the ability to watch videos with friends around the globe using Messenger «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Despite all his mistakes, one can not say that Facebook has not helped to connect friends and family no matter where in the world everyone is. That's why one of the upcoming features – watching videos with Facebook friends right in Messenger – is so new. This is just another example of the Internet bridging gaps that have not been closed recently.

Facebook announced and announced its upcoming joint experience "Watch Together" in 2019 at its annual F8 conference in April. Instead of just watching Facebook videos and then sending them to friends via messengers, Facebook cuts its middleman down and invites you to watch those videos in real time with anyone you want as long as they have a messenger account.

What You Can Expect From Watch Together

At this time, we do not have as much detail as you need for this video sharing feature. In the F8 presentation, Facebook showed a short (focus on short ) demo on how Watch Together should work.

We see a group messenger video call with four users. We then see that "our" phone is tapping a (+) button on the screen to display a "look at it" window with two tabs ̵

1; "People", from whom we assume that you can control who is part of this Group observation experience is. and "videos," which, as you can imagine, contain all the videos available for viewing. If you do not immediately like what you see, you can search for a particular video using the search bar. Good luck your friends agree.

When you tap a video, a small popup will appear with the name of the video and, more importantly, the Now Playing button. Tap this button and the video will play so everyone can see it at the top of the screen. While this video is playing, you can still continue chatting the group by tapping the screen to display an advanced menu, and then tapping the chat icon Globe with Messenger ” width=”480″ height=”480″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>

Facebook Developer's Image / YouTube [19659008] The control of the video seems to be similar to how things work on their own. Facebook did not include these controls in the demo video, but in a press image we see the play / pause button. Buttons for jumping back and forth; Volume bar; and probably a button in the queue to see which videos you can play next.

Pictures on Facebook

Facebook has cast a second look at Watch Together in Watch Together in its demo video for the revamped Messenger mainly the same details as above. All we can see is that Watch Together was started from a one-to-one interview. The couple starts a video call and then accesses the Watch Together menu via (+) as in the other demonstration.

What We Still Do not Know

To be honest, we do not know most of the details of this feature. Facebook spent 40 seconds demonstrating Watch Together between two segments that did not even have a unique name for the option. We still have many questions, such as:

We might get some answers when we look at Facebook's "Watch Party" feature, a relatively new option that bears a similar resemblance to Watch Together. With Watch Party, you can start a shared viewing experience for a video of your choice and invite friends to watch and chat with the video. The main difference is that this feature is only available in the Facebook app itself. There are no video or audio chat options, just text (exception is the "Live Commentary" option, where the watch party moderator can talk about the video, but no other user can speak).

That is, if Facebook assumes other functions of Watch Party for Watch Together, we could have some answers to our questions. Watch Party has hosts who have full control of the video and the guest list. If you host, you can choose who to invite to your watch party, who can act as a co-host, and which videos or videos to watch. If we apply this to Watch Together, this new feature may also use a host system, meaning that invitees will not have control of the video queue.

Of course these are just speculations. Watch Together can give all attendees the opportunity to talk about which video is being played and what might end in chaos if your group of friends is something like mine. We are sure that Facebook thinks exactly about this problem and decides here for the right balance of power.

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Cover photo of Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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