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Fal Fallout 76:: Tips for Surviving the Nuclear Desert

The time has come, roommates! Vault 76 is now open and the overseer has a big job for us – go to Appalachia and colonize! Sounds fun? Unfortunately, leaving the vault is not as liberating as it seems. Waiting for us is a large, hostile wasteland crawling in front of irradiated meanders.

More information about Fallout 76 can be found here. Everything we know and our hands on review.

Tips and Tricks for Survival in Fallout 76

Yes, the world outside is terrible and the radiation is not so adorable. To survive, here are a few tips newcomers to Fallout 76 should consider to facilitate the transition from spoiled vault residents to seasoned survivalists.

  Fallout 76 Hands-on

Team up

While there are no non-playable characters in Fallout 76 there are real humans with whom you can interact. Ultimately, it's up to you how you choose to interact with these people, but if you want to accelerate the foundation, spend less time on fast travel, and increase your chances of survival, then you should play with friends.

Save on Fast Travel

Speaking of fast driving with a map four times larger than Fallout 4 You'll most likely use this handy feature in Fallout 76 . Open the map, click on a friend C.A.M.P. of a friend or friend of C.A.M.P. of a friend and traveling fast costs nothing. Elsewhere, however, one may expect to squeeze out some caps. The farther you are from your destination, the more you will spend, and caps are in Fallout 76 .

pretty hard to come by. Take all the loot

. You may have noticed this can record virtually anything in Fallout 76 . My tip to you is, do not be picky. Booty everything! Just make sure you stop at a workbench or crafting station and dismantle everything. Each resource you find in Appalachia can be disassembled and later used for weapons, armor, and most of all, for building a beautiful, large base.

Use Stashboxes Frequently

While you fill your backpack with everything from coffee machines to pitchforks, take some time to pass a hiding box and dispose of your trash! Do not wait until you're under strain, because then you'll have to drop some of the precious resources you've collected or keep your fingers crossed, hoping you will not ambush when you get to the next stashboxing. In Fallout 76, stressed players can not travel fast. Remember.

Use Melee Weapons to Secure

You will find a lot of weapons scattered throughout the Wasteland and you may find weapons in quantity. This is great, because they are great for the fight, but they also need ammunition, a resource that can leak anytime. It's a great idea to always carry a melee weapon (or three) if you shoot empty spaces or, worse, break your weapon. Unless you enjoy the thrill of fist fights with Molerats and Radroaches, be sure to try your kicks wherever you can.

  Fallout 76 Hands-on

Repair Your Weapons, Cook Your Food and Boil Your Water

The Degradation System is back in Fallout 76 which means the weapons and weapons Armament conditions can worsen with use and spoil food. Check the condition of your weapons, armor, and food using the status bar next to the item in your pip-boy. Collect copper and aluminum to repair weapons, many of which are found in various household appliances, tools and weapons.

If you come across a source of water, do not drink directly. Instead, collect at least two portions of dirty water and boil it first at a cooking station. All you need is wood and a cooking station. You still get a little biking when you drink boiled water, but it's way better than what happens if you do not. Always cook raw food as soon as possible. This will keep you from getting disease and slowing the spoil .

Building a real bed

No rogue mattress on the floor or in a sleeping bag. Not to say that these are not helpful in the early days of the wasteland, but beds help prevent pathogens, regenerate HP, and can give you a well-rested advantage that increases the earned XP by 5%.

Avoid public events and request public workshops.

If you're just starting your adventure in the Nuclear Desert, avoid public events and public workshops. This is because these, along with other tasks, can trigger waves of enemies that can quickly kill you if you are not prepared. It's a good idea to play with a group or perform these tasks with other survivors. However, if you are the first to blame or play Fallout 76 solo, you should be aware of what you may be signing up for.

Use the Warden's Camp

You will get to know the Warden's camp relatively early in Fallout 76 and this serves as the starting point for the beginning of the game. Do not feel pressured to apply a C.A.M.P. too early, as you will need a lot of resources, and it will cost you some limits to move (just like a quick trip, the further you move, the more it will cost).

Use the Warden's camp to your advantage by upgrading levels, refining your arsenal, equipping good perk cards, and collecting as many resources as you can before heading to the map and looking for a place to go set up your base. 19659028] Spielinstrumente

You may have seen some instruments lying around during your travels. Playing it for at least 30 seconds gives you an interesting advantage called Well-Tuned, which will regenerate your AP 25% faster in the next hour.

More tips and tutorials are added as we play more of Fallout 76.

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