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Faster Airport Security – LifeSavvy

  Passengers at the Check-in Desk at the Airport
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The most dreadful part of air traffic is undoubtedly the overcoming of security. Although we can not promise it will be a total walk in the park, we can give you some good tips to get you through faster.

Join an accelerated security program.

You know when to wait for your visit through the body scanner, and there is always a line that goes much faster than yours, and you can not help but wish you were one of those lucky people? When you sign up for the TSA PreCheck program, you can join the group. This government-run program allows you to be considered a trusted traveler in your books and to enjoy accelerated screening every time you fly.

All you have to do is submit an application and wait for a background check before leaving your long wait and invasive checks behind. For a five-year membership that costs $ 85, you can go through security without having to take off your jacket, shoes, or belt, and you can leave your laptop and fluids in your pocket.

Learn more about TSA PreCheck and numerous related programs for US and international travelers in our in-depth article here.

Become an Elite Airline Member

If You Have Elite status on an airline, you can automatically bypass the long queue for security clearance. This applies to every elite member of an airline. If you travel with a companion, you can bring this. However, this service will not work if you are already in the TSA PreCheck series.

To become an elite member, you will typically need to earn miles each year and spend a minimum. However, you can speed things up by contacting airline credit cards that can help you reach your destination through a points system.

Check Waiting Times in Advance

If you have some flexibility on your departure day, you can plan to reach the airport at the best time to go through the security measures. TSA's own MyTSA app and third-party apps such as MiFlight and Terminal Buddy show the line waiting times at the terminal of your interest hours before your flight. That way, you know what to expect and can make a more informed decision about your arrival at the airport.

Online Check-In

In addition to the various checkpoints and screening processes that slow us down and make us want to finish, we can not forget the first line we have to To do on arrival: the check-in line. Fortunately, there is a way to speed things up a bit, and it does not take much.

Most airline companies let you check in online within 24 hours of your departure by sending you the boarding pass by e-mail and forwarding you. Baggage takes much more quickly than the regular one. You can either print and bring a paper copy of your boarding pass or download the airline's app and do it all.

Packing according to regulations

  TSA agent examines the contents of a carry-on bag

Everyone knows that there are rules for packing a flight. From your checked baggage, which may not contain flammable items or firearms, to your carry-on baggage, which may not contain any liquids larger than 100 ml or sharp objects, there are regulations that passengers must comply with if the review process is to proceed smoothly , [19659006] Before proceeding with the security procedures, make sure that your carry-on bag is well packed to save yourself and the people behind you. Store your fluids and creams in the appropriate clear bag, keep your laptop or tablet handy, and keep your passport where you can see it. Make unpacking quick and easy, and avoid TSA agents selecting your bag for review.

Check Your Bag

If you can not stow everything in your carry-on, you can leave your bag at check-in. You save time and effort to get your stuff scanned by TSA agents. If you bring your laptop, you should invest in a TSA-approved laptop bag that will allow you to store your computer while you send it to the X-ray machine. One worry less.

Choose a fitting outfit.

Nobody likes to undress in public to go through a scanner, let alone be personally searched by a stranger. To avoid such situations, wear simple and comfortable clothing with little or no pockets or metal trim, and shoes that you can easily put on and take off. A jacket with large pockets that you can put on quickly and stow away with all your loose items, such as your passport and phone, is also handy if you collect your belongings after verification. If you want to travel in style, just pack your outfit in your carry-on bag and put it on when you reach your goal.

Keeping Documents at Hand

Although sometimes uncomfortable and inconvenient, you should always have your passport and boarding pass at hand. You do not want to get stuck at a checkpoint that crawls through your bag and tries to find your ID card for verification. If you want to be completely reassured, you can also make copies of all your documents and keep them in case your phone's battery is dead or you lose your ticket on the way.

Choose Your Line Carefully

This is not intuitive, but shortest does not always mean fastest. There are certain elements that you should consider when selecting the line on which you want to go through safety. Large groups, such as sports teams and travel tours, and families tend to slow down, as they easily cling to their packs and become easily distracted. Scan through the crowd and choose the line with people who wear less and seem to be ready to get through safety.

Do not forget to smile

Sometimes it is inevitable to feel intimidated or irritated by a TSA agent. They do not always seem to enjoy their work, but spending hours sitting and doing the same thing over and over again can make everyone feel moody. As such, you can play it safe by being just friendly and self-confident. This will prevent them from giving you an unusual look or holding you longer. The more polite you are, the faster you will pass.

Airports do not have to be the bane of your existence as a traveler. There are several ways you can get through safety quickly. If you follow this advice, you will be on the way before you know it.

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