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Features we want in iOS 13 for the iPhone (and what's supposed to appear) «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple plans to show the first appearance of iOS 13 at WWDC 2019 on June 3rd. But what is the new operating system for the iPhone ready? Rumors say that many features originally planned for iOS 12 will appear in iOS 13 codenamed "Yukon," and Dark Mode will be the big ticket this year.

The following list could be endless in my opinion if we look through all Apple apps, features, and settings. Personally, there are a lot of little things that I would like to have changed in iOS, either for usability, time savings, better organization, etc., but we have tried to withhold the most important ones we want and are rumored to have. What do you most want to see, whether listed below or not?

Feature 1
: Universal Dark Mode (Rumors)

A Dark Mode feature should be accompanied by iOS 12 but was not a big disappointment since The first OLED-equipped iPhone was the iPhone X. There are credible credible Rumors suggesting that the dark mode is indeed appearing in iOS 13, and it is more likely that it now also includes the iPhone ] S and X S Max, both with OLED displays. Hopefully we can say goodbye to the need for a Smart Invert mode.

In dark mode, which you can access in the Control Center, you can change any bright white elements to a darker color, black or dark gray, or both. At night it protects the eyes and in combination with Night Shift the display should not be responsible for keeping you up to date. There are also battery savings as the screen emits less bright light. This saves even more battery in OLED displays, as the pixels for black areas do not need to be illuminated at all, and gray areas do not have to use the entire RGB spectrum.

The iTunes Store has a preview on it What Apple could do in other apps. [19659011] Feature 2: Better Recycle Bin Functionality in Emails

In iOS 9 and some earlier versions, there was an option "All Recycle Bin" for mailboxes. Apple has removed it for some reason in iOS 10 and it still has not come back. There is a workaround that you can use, but it works only from folders and not from a search. We should not have to use workarounds either. A video I made some time ago shows that it takes five minutes to delete 450 marketing emails from a search. No fun.

Feature 3: Reading Later in Mail Queue (Rumble)

Rather than marking a new email or creating a folder and using the long process to move a new email to this folder Whenever you have one If you want to read a new message but do not have time for it at the moment, put it in a "read later" queue. It is another rumor for iOS 13, and it would probably appear as an option in the action sheet or via a swipe link. If it is not fast, it makes no sense.

Feature 4: Mute Conversations in Emails (Rumors)

If you like notifications but do not need them for specific conversational threads, you can mute them on iOS 13. With Gmail, you can do that, and Apple already has this feature in the News app and apps in the Notification Center. Therefore, it is quite possible that this will also be displayed in emails.

Feature 5: Block Incoming Emails in Emails (Rumors)

Another rumor about iOS 13 is that we're getting a blocking tool in Mail, similar to the one for the phone app. So if you have junk emails that keep breaking out, you may be able to permanently remove them. It would also be useful to silence trolls and hate-filled contacts who do nothing but harass.

Feature 6: More Organization in the Mail (Rumors)

My Mail App Has Become a Bit Overwhelming Here, better organization tools can help. And that's exactly what iOS 13 can bring. The rumors say that there will be searchable categories in which emails will end up, like marketing, shopping (my personal favorite), traveling, unimportant and so on. Anything that comes up can be anything or nothing, but hopefully there will be an improvement.

Feature 7: No More Volume Overlay

It has been on virtually every wish list I have ever spoken to, year after year. In iOS 11, the annoying volume HUD, which appears right in the middle of the content and blocks the ad for longer than necessary, has been replaced by iOS in some areas – but not everywhere. To name just a few, where it appears, there are the home screen, videos in the photo app, and videos in Safari, as shown below. Can we handle this thing? There are rumors about iOS 13, but will it be another approach?

Feature 8: Sleep Mode

Apple currently has the Bedtime in the Clock app, which also allows you to set the sleep and wake-up times as Do Not Disturb and sleep mode in Preferences, to mute Call and notifications and to darken the lock screen. But if you really want to get away from your iPhone during the day, that's not enough. However, a sleep mode could be.

It is rumored that a sleep mode will be introduced in iOS 13. This is a change in the Control Center that turns on Do Not Disturb and Bedtime modes, darkens the lock screen, and mutes notifications. And it will probably tie into the bedtime tab of the clock. Hopefully, it can go even further and enable a reduced white point and a night shift mode in case you need to use the device. What if it's bound to app limits in screen time, so if you activate it, you lock all apps until they're disabled? Adaptability is preferred.

Feature 9: Sliding or swiping on the keyboard (rumored)

SwiftKey has long featured a wipeable keyboard for super-fast typing, and it's even in Gboard, my favorite third-party keyboard for the iPhone , Why would you continue to use Apple's keyboard if it's so limited? If the rumors are true, the sliding entry in iOS 13 could finally come.

Feature 10: Keypad on the Keyboard

In April 2018, Gboard added a series of numbers to its keyboard that you press or swipe for a long time – Press the upper letter / number keys to enter the numbers. It's not a dedicated number, but it works pretty well. It's something Apple has to support in addition to swiping to keep users on the keyboard. An option in the settings for enabling and disabling a dedicated line or a hybrid line is best.

Feature 11: Improved undo while typing (Rumor)

To undo something when typing with Apple's standard keyboard, you have to shake your iPhone like a crazy person. If you added more text than you wanted, you can simply delete it. However, there is no other alternative if you want to get something back. Apple may be able to end this in iOS 13 with a three-finger swipe, preventing an iPhone from accidentally landing on the sidewalk.

Function 12: Dual Screen Mode for iPhones [19659004] The iPad has Slide Over and Split View, which allow you to use two apps simultaneously. So why not the iPhone? Oversized iPhone models have been around since the end of 2014. Why is there no oversize or maximum size functions for the display? Maybe one day, but probably not in iOS 13.

Feature 13: Wish List on the App Store

In iOS 11, Apple removed the "Wish List" in the App Store. Why? Who knows, but it's still in the iTunes Store and the TV app has a pseudo-vanity list with the "up" function. Books even have the ability to add objects to a collection. Currently, this is the only meaningful method in the App Store to share it with notes.

Feature 14: Quick Actions for Haptic Touch

If you own a iPhone ] R You know what I'm talking about – unless you fall into the crowd, who are not interested in 3D Touch shortcuts.

On the home screen of iPhone models with 3D touch, you can press firmly on an app icon to bring up a list of quick actions and display widgets if necessary. It's difficult to translate to Haptic Touch because the gesture is almost exactly the gesture used to open the edit and erase Apps editing mode. It's hoped Apple will find that out, especially if Haptic Touch is to be the 3D Touch replacement that everyone says is it.

Feature 15: Home Screen Enhancements

Apple is reportedly working on home screen improvements again, but that's it It's hard to classify this as a rumor because there are no details, and it's rumored year after year. The stories could also refer to the iPad, which desperately needs it.

Still, there is a lot that can be done for the iPhone. Apple can open it anywhere for custom layouts with gaps. It could also contain a number of Siri suggested apps that change based on machine learning of your usage. Contact icons on the home screen are appealing and provide quick action to call, send text messages, send money, and more. Perhaps an option to hide an app on the home screen is good, especially for paged apps.

Feature 16: Better Options for Rearranging the Home Screen

I just mentioned it, but it's a big one. We need the ability to place app icons on the home screen wherever we go. Yes, you can do that to some extent, but you can not place an app at the top left of a page, one at the top right, and four at the bottom, so you have more room for the wallpaper. This is just an example, but we need to be able to insert spaces for separation and customizability.

Feature 17: Combined Search for My Apps (Rumors)

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends lets you track down lost or stolen devices Share your location and spy on others' locations. Rumor has it that these two apps are combined into a "find" app, so you no longer need two apps with limited features.

Most interesting is that a feature can be displayed for the "Find My iPhone" page Track a device even if no Wi-Fi or cellular data is enabled. Tile trackers already do this with Bluetooth by converting the user network into lost-object geo-locators. Apple could do something similar that makes sense, since they're supposed to develop tile-like tracking tags that are paired with your iCloud account and can be found using the Find app.

In the meantime: Tile Trackers on Amazon

Feature 18: Fonts Management System

At the moment you can only use the system font on your iPhone to enlarge the display (for Plus or Max). Models), just change the size and not other components of the system, and grease it. This will not change in iOS 13 or in the foreseeable future. However, iOS 13 may have a Fonts Manager in the Settings app that lets you add fonts to the device's font book.

If you previously wanted to use a specific font in an app, you should hope that the developers have added an option, otherwise there will be jailbreak optimizations, configuration profiles, and third-party keyboards. As of iOS 12.3, there are 263 different preinstalled fonts that developers can use for their user interfaces. In addition, there are 138 fonts for document views and 380 that can be downloaded.

According to rumors, iOS 13's Font Manager lets you control which fonts are displayed in text boxes in Preferences, and lets developers access a new font selection. When you download a document that uses a specific font without having it, a pop-up window prompts you to install the missing font. While there are a lot of fonts that are compatible with iOS, Apple does not add them to its font management by default. So, plan to download a bunch of fonts.

Feature 19: Third-party apps in the Control Center

The Control Center has many standard tools and some you can add, but all come from Apple. Initially, widgets were only for standard apps and tools, but Apple eventually opened them for third-party apps that are now overwhelming Today View. When will third-party apps take over the Control Center?

Feature 20: Settings shortcuts in Control Center

Android has been trying for a while, but iOS has resisted so far. Would not it be great if you have a control in the Control Center, such as B. Mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth long press or perform 3D Touch to go directly to these options in the settings app? I'm not sure why anyone would say no.

In addition, some controls give you more options when you press them for a long time or when you touch 3D, such as 3D. For example, the camera, notes, and the brightness slider and one of the options on the next screen might be to enter the settings menu for that app or feature. Just look at the obligatory "do not disturb" function. If you open additional options in the Control Center, there is a Schedule option that will take you directly to the DND settings. Let us know more about it.

Feature 21: More Options for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Switching Features

If you stay here in Control Center, let's talk about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls. When they are on and you tap them, they will be turned off for 24 hours. Tap again and you're back. But what if you never want them to be activated? You can disable them altogether in the Settings app. So why not a third tap or long press on the control to turn it off forever? Or I opt for a settings link as mentioned above.

Function 22: Transfer audio message

If the iPhone can transfer voice mails in the phone app, why can not it transfer audio messages in the phone? News App? If you're in a library, at work, at school, or anywhere you do not want to break your headset or send a message that everyone can hear, you can use transcriptions to tell you what's going on was without you having to listen. There may be privacy concerns here, but it's better to pay a service to do this for you.

Feature 23: Profile pictures and displaying names in messages (rumored)

You can add photos to your contacts that appear in the News app, but only for iMessage contacts. Rumor has it that iOS 13 iMessage users can pick their own profile photo that will be displayed on all their contacts' devices. It does not affect your photo of them in contacts, only in iMessage. It is also possible for Apple iMessage users to choose to use a display name instead of the name on the contact card.

Function 24: Organizing and Editing Contact Groups

You can set up groups of contacts in the Contacts app, such as: For work, school, friends, family, etc. However, you can not edit or create these groups on your iPhone. This is only possible in the contacts app under macOS. You can not even add contacts to any of your current groups. It's time for Apple to do something about it. Why can you view groups in iOS contacts, but do not do anything other than hide or show them?

Feature 25: Reviewing Titles Using the Lock Screen or the Control Center

I remember a time when I could post a song title in the music app directly from the lock screen player. I used to do it when I was in the gym or while running and did not want to unlock my iPhone. Now you can not even love or dislike a song on the lock screen unless you use Siri. You can not even create stars or likes with the audio controls in the Control Center. For me, this is my biggest wish for the music app.

Feature 26: Protected Apple Apps & Features

Some third-party apps may be protected by a password or biometric data, such as: For example, face ID or Touch ID. Outlook, Telegram, LastPass and Signal come to mind as such. Why can not Apple integrate this into its apps and features?

Yes, you need Face ID or Touch ID to use Apple Pay, but that's a necessity. Apple also has password and biometric protection for Numbers, Pages, and Keynote documents, which is optional per document. The same goes for Notes.

However, it could also be more distributed, eg. For example, for the album Hidden in Photos. This album hides content from the camera roll, but what prevents someone who has access to your iPhone from just opening the hidden album? What if you do not want someone who loves, dislikes or rates songs in the music app? Or read your conversations in news? What about locking the Settings app itself?

Feature 27: Capturing RAW photos in the camera

Apple provides third-party apps with access to RAW photo features, but only uses them in the Photos app, which you can use to view and display Small adjustments to RAW Photos before that were imported or recorded with other apps. But why can not the camera app itself take RAW photos?

Feature 28: Longer Live Photos (Rumors)

If you're viewing live photos, the video portion is currently three seconds long, but iOS 13 may be able to kick that up to six seconds. It would be nice to watch an extra three seconds of video, but it would also help live photo effects such as long exposure so they can work better.

Feature 29: Ability to sort apps more in menus

Yes, in the main settings view, all apps below the default apps are sorted alphabetically. But not in the iPhone memory menu. Not in the screen time. Not in the Cellular menu. Not in privacy settings for microphone, photos, camera and contacts. Not in the battery statistics. Not in the updates or purchased lists in the App Store. It would be nice if you sorted alphabetically or sorted by category in some of these lists.

In the "Battery" menu you can sort according to the most frequently used or after the battery consumption. In screen time, these are just apps and websites or categories. More options overall would be better.

Feature 30: Always-on display for OLED displays (rumors)

Now there is the iPhone X, X S and X S [19659005] Max, all with OLED displays, it is time that they always have a display. With these types of displays, information may be displayed on the screen when the device is sleeping. For example, the current time, warnings, stopwatch, etc. The black indicators remain dark and do not waste valuable battery life, while the displayed information can use some of the pixels as needed. Many Android phones already have this and have been around for some time.

Feature 31: Viewing Safety Videos Right At Home (Rumors)

If you have a Nest Camera or other surveillance camera connected to the Home app, iOS 13 may offer more options, such as: For example, you can view previous recordings without having to open the camera's official app.

Feature 32: Read progress bar in books (Rumors)

An exciting rumor for iOS 13 is the following The books app has a progress bar, similar to the progress bar, that you can manually add to your Goodreads account. It is also possible that there is a reward system that allows you to read, read and read.

Feature 33: Better Organization of Memories (Rumors)

I like the idea of ​​the reminder app, but I never Actually, you can not do anything with it because it's so messy. I have 20 different lists, I can not remember what is in what, and the course of the finished show is weird. Some of these may be better in iOS 13, which should have a new main layout with four default grid areas. These are things that need to be done today, all tasks, your scheduled tasks, and marked tasks. Will it be more user friendly? Could be. We will have to wait.

Feature 34: Download Manager in Safari (Rumors)

In the Safari browser for Mac, you can view, open, and jump directly to downloaded Finder files. This does not exist in the iOS version of the web browser, but Apple may be testing an iOS 13 download manager to access downloads from one location. Nobody knows how this works, but maybe it would be a "Downloads" folder in a "Safari" folder in the "On My iPhone" file app, much like Firefox does.

Feature 35: Improvements to the health app (rumors)

Rumor has it the health app will receive some new features. First, a better view of the daily activity. Second, improved menstrual cycle tracking. Third, a new section on listening that tries to find out if you are listening to loud music or if ambient noise can be harmful noise.

Feature 36: Contact Suggestions in the Share Sheet

The Activity View, also called the Sharing Sheet, includes AirDrop, action options, and sharing options. What it does not have are contacts, but iOS 13 can change that. There are not many details about the rumor, but there might be a new section in Contacts only view.

Feature 37: More Timing for the Screen for Kids (Rumors)

If you're a parent who loves the screen time limits that you can set for your child's iPhone, more features will follow. IOS 13 may have a new option that can restrict who the child can turn to at certain times. For example, you can restrict the device to contact you or other family members in emergencies at school, or prevent them from making friends after bedtime.

Other Features We'd Like to See

There are actually a lot of features and settings that iOS 13 should include. Aside from the above, the ones below also agree.

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