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Find and use all your Siri shortcut suggestions

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Siri Shortcuts appeared in September 2018 alongside iOS 12 along with the Shortcuts app and everything else that went with it. The two features have greatly expanded the iOS automation game, but not without confusion. Below is information about Siri Shortcuts and how to use them.

If you do not know the differences between Siri Shortcuts and Shortcuts, you are not alone. Apple has not done the best job of explaining the two features and their differences, as well as the iPhone community as a whole. The two features are related in many ways, and the similarity of the name does not make it any easier to distinguish them.

However, it is important to know that the abbreviations and abbreviations of Siri are actually different former is the most user-friendly of the two.

What is the difference between Shortcuts and Siri Shortcuts?

In short, Shortcuts is the app that Apple developed based on the workflow app it bought in 201

7 With Automator on a Mac, shortcuts can often be used to create complex automations by using the building blocks offered , Shortcuts can also plunge into compatible apps, allowing for custom shortcuts that dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete a repetitive task.

Siri Shortcuts differ, however. When developers create their apps, they can present features for using Siri Shortcuts. These are predefined things like playing a playlist in a podcast app or opening a specific file in a notes app. In some cases, iOS also notes some of the actions previously taken and recommends using a Siri link. You can then set a custom voice command to call a Siri link by pressing, Siri. You guessed it.

Where are Siri links and how do I use them?

You can find the Siri shortcuts that your apps provide in a few different places. Good apps make them visible within the app, possibly under a menu option. If not, you can find Siri links that you may not know exist.

In Settings, tap Siri & Search.

 In the Settings app: click Siri & Search

Here are some recommended keyboard shortcuts. To see a complete list, tap All shortcuts.

 Tap All Keyboard Shortcuts

See here for a complete list of installed apps that also support Siri Shortcuts. If an app supports many Siri shortcuts, the list will be truncated. You can tap one of them to turn it on or the Show All button to see all the Siri shortcuts available for a specific app.

 Next to an app, tap the link View all when the page ends

When you're done, tap the red record button to record the phrase you want, and then call up the Siri shortcut as needed.

 Tap Record, and then say the phrase you want.

When this process is complete, enabling a Siri shortcut is as easy as calling Siri and speaking the required phrase.

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