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Find the best portable humidifier for dry skin, sinus relief and sore throat


The Ourry Humidifier.


If you have dry eyes, dry skin, nosebleeds, dry sinuses, or chapped lips, you may feel the symptoms of dry air. These symptoms often occur during travel, when exposure to rough air in aircraft and hotel rooms is a burden. Portable humidifiers can even remedy this significantly overnight.

We went out and found some of the best humidifiers for the trip, and we looked beyond the price:

  • Size : How easy can you take it or take it with you?
  • Duration ]: How long does a single filling take?
  • LED lights : Are there LED lights? Can they be deactivated (to avoid disturbances)?
  • Design : Is the design aesthetically pleasing?

Travel Humidifier in Comparison

* Max. Operating hours are based on ongoing (non-intermittent) use.
** With a 1

6.9-ounce water bottle. The duration varies depending on the size of the water bottle.

Portable Humidifiers are small but powerful devices that increase humidity regardless of where you are. It comes in many different forms, depending on your preferences. For example, some use a water bottle as a tank while others have a built-in tank.

Most portable humidifiers use ultrasonic technology where high-frequency sound vibrations are used to produce water particles that are released into the air. Unfortunately, we could not identify a portable humidifier that uses evaporation technology (19459027), which is generally considered healthier. Regular cleaning of this Ultrasonic Humidifier is particularly important to prevent contaminants such as dust, mold and bacteria from being released into the air.

As you've probably guessed, these humidifiers do not give moisture to a whole house. At least they humidify the air immediately around you (for example, if you are standing on a bedside table). at the most they can be used to moisten a small space (about 200 square feet).

This guide gives you an overview of the available options and takes into account humidifiers that meet a certain threshold of features, price, safety and customer satisfaction. It should be noted that products that have received less than one B + rating after Fakepot are excluded due to the overwhelming number of suspected counterfeit or biased ratings. We have also left out statements about the area (square meters) that these devices can moisten, as this can really only be determined by measured tests.

Please note that CNET may receive some of the revenue from the sale of products featured on this page.

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