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Fitbit gets ready to make all your health data much more useful – Review Geek

  Fitbit Versa 2 and Premium

Fitbit announced some new things this morning: the recently rumored Versa 2, a cheaper Smart Libra in Aria Air, and the most interesting, a new Fitbit Premium service , Let's talk about it.

The Versa 2 seems to be better in every way.

  Fitbit Versa 2

I'm a big fan of the original Versa – it's my favorite smartwatch. and I basically live on it. I only take it off when I shower (so it can be charged). But it is not perfect. The Versa 2 seems to be improving an already excellent package with a lot of small but significant upgrades.

The biggest thing on the list is probably the integration of Amazon Alexa. The Versa 2 has a built-in microphone that lets you call Alexa and ask her to do all the things you would say to an echo speaker: turn on your lights, check the weather, play music and all that other jazz. And for the first time, you can also use voice dictation (also courtesy of Alexa) to answer text messages directly from your Versa 2. This is a significant improvement in itself.

Fitbit also decided to switch from an LCD panel for OLED to the slightly larger screen of the Versa 2. The reason for this is twofold: firstly, this means increased brightness for better viewing outdoors. The more significant reason is that the Versa 2 always has a display. This is probably the feature I've been most looking for for an update, and the more efficient OLED display makes this possible because it can switch individual pixels for efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, the Versa 2 also has a faster processor, better battery life, improved dials and a more efficient layout. It's a big upgrade in a small package – all for the same price of $ 200 as the current Versa (or $ 230 for the Special Edition). You can preorder the Versa 2 today.

Fitbit Premium is one way to get more out of your data.

  Fitbit Premium

Fitbit collects a wealth of data about you and your well-being, but about you, too, provides you with a wealth of great information – but it could do more. That's exactly what Fitbit Premium Service is all about. Get more useful information from your data.

The premium service saves you $ 10 per month (or $ 80 per year) and provides you with a wealth of detailed information on your fitness level, heart rate, sleep data, and much more. You can also set custom goals for yourself (and remind you to achieve those goals) as well as set customizable challenges for your Fitbit friends.

More interesting is that Premium can create a "wellness report" with detailed information on heart rate, fitness, sleep quality and much more. You can then take this information to your doctor for your annual wellness visit (you have checked annually, right?) To get more meaningful information than you can tell in a quick chat. That is very cool.

Fitbit Coach will also be included in the Premium subscription, which is typically $ 8 per month (or $ 40 per year) on its own. There will also be an additional coaching service shortly, offering access to a certified wellness coach for one-to-one tuition and training, guidance and additional motivation. I also hope that this will mean customized nutritional plans that are of great benefit to almost all Fitbit users.

Fitbit Premium will be available in English from September. Further information can be found in the press release.

The Aria Air is the intelligent balance for all

  Fitbit Aria Air

The Fitbit Aria 2 is the most popular intelligent scale that you can buy. It's also $ 130, which is quite expensive for many users. Aria Air seems to be changing that with its $ 50 price tag – the cheapest Smart Scale Fitbit ever released. It records your weight and BMI and keeps that data in sync with your Fitbit account.

It is unclear what else the Aria Air can capture, but this is not a substitute for the Aria 2 in addition. Chances are that the air will stand still in terms of weight and BMI, leaving the more robust Aria 2 with advanced metrics.

It will go on sale in September.

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