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Five of the Best Premium iOS Games Without In-App Purchases – Review Geek

Do you love mobile gaming, but do not love advertising or irritating in-app purchases? We feel you. That's why we've rounded up our preferred premium iOS games for one-time payments.

There are thousands of games on Apple's App Store that we can divide into roughly two categories: games you pay for and free-to-play games that you "do not pay" for. Of course, the latter will cost you time if your trophy is overflowing with commercial breaks and money (whichever comes first) for in-app purchases. Nobody likes advertising or is constantly asked to pay to unlock game features. So forget about these free games.

Pay-to-play games cost money in advance, but they follow the proven Mercantil method of buying something you want for money, and then the transaction is over forever. If it was good enough for the ancient Mesopotamians, then it is good enough for you.

Which premium games should you spend your hard-earned shekels on in advance to avoid in-app purchases and commercial breaks? Here are five of the best bets in any particular order.

Reigns: Game of Thrones ($ 4)

  Tyrion in Reigns: Game of Thrones
Devolver Digital

This reef over the original Reigns game is not just on this list because Game of Thrones is currently hot It's on this list because Game of Thrones is currently hot and because Reigns: Game of Thrones is a good little game. It's more of a game of choice than the throne itself, with a gameplay reminiscent of a tinder hole.

During each turn, a character mug shot (rendered in a simplified art style) appears and you swipe left one decision or right for another. Similar to the series, every decision brings with it benefits and consequences, so you have to chase the political moderation to keep things balanced and win instead of dying.

OK, if you describe it that way, it does not sound like real politics anymore. Still, it's more fun than Tinder, since you probably will not feel as bad at Reign's: Game of Thrones as you did at Tinder. Plus, this game is a lot sweeter and funnier than most Tinder interactions.

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout ($ 7)

  Gulag Prison in Escapists 2

This is the only way to do this. Complete an Apple certified and sanctioned jailbreak on your iPhone. That's because you're a bit nervous, isometric prisoners from a digital jail, and not your phone from the experience with the prescribed operating system. You will steal things. They will beat up other prisoners. You will accidentally hit a guard and land on the infirmary. If you're smart, get out of jail.

Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is a shortened version of a game that was originally released for computers and consoles. So it's more of a real game than a pastime. It is also another example of how something that is very stressful in real life – such as leaving the prison or fighting in the shower or deliberately clogging and overflowing a toilet – is fun once it's a game and it there are no consequences.

But that's not Club Fed. The easiest way is to work in a safety device with minimal security. However, you can resolve the difficulty by sending yourself to a gulag in non-North Korea, a Wild West prison, and more. No matter where you want to incarcerate yourself, you must keep it shameless by signing up to appeal, showering, meals, and work, among other things. The fun little jail is still a jail, and the guards will mercilessly beat you if you step too far out of line.

Stardew Valley (8 USD)

  Stardew Valley Fishing Pier

If you're a prisoner of a jail is not your cup of Italian roast, how about a prisoner of the country too his? This small RPG for agriculture is a huge and extremely popular game created by a single player for the PC. Similar to real agriculture, in Stardew Valley there is an overwhelming amount of things you can do – grow things, kill things and talk to people – it's like a microcosm of farming. You can also fish and revel in caves infested with monsters, make friends with the townspeople or, conversely, be the strange fishmonger who lives on the outskirts and does not talk much.

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition ($ 5)

  Fleeing Spiders in Don't Starve
Klei Entertainment

Not just a game, but also a great piece of advice, Do not Starve: Pocket Edition is another entry in this list that is an adaptation of A PC and console game that has been scaled down to your mobile device so you may never have to play it again, no matter where you are ,

This beautifully illustrated and animated little game has emerged from the survival game boom a few years ago, but outlives much of its fancier competition. It's tight, funny and very hard and it has a gothic horror / lovecraftian character. It's not just about eating things to avoid starvation – it's also about not going crazy and having the Shadowmonsters manifest and kill you. Which is also good advice from practice.

Donut County (5 USD)

  Donut County Motorway Cafe
Annapurna Interactive

Do you like Raccoons? Of course you do. Do you like holes? Maybe, maybe not. But you need her. In donuts (and bagels). In your body. However, you must be careful not to question the fundamental nature of holes. whether they are things or missing. This is a dangerous thinking, and it will not lead you to happiness.

Remember, in this game, when you play Donut County, you are the hole – or rather, raccoons that work remotely. controlled holes, probably looking for maggots. You will move the emptiness and let it grow, swallow objects and probably send them to hell. As you grow, the hole, you will face greater challenges as you send all the things deep into the new, underground society that you have created. This, in turn, drives a bizarre story about the underworld that you and your madness have banished to the darkness and want to know one thing: why?

But there is no why. There is only the emptiness.

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