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Follow hashtags instead of people to get a better Instagram experience

  Hashtag on Instagram

If you've been using Instagram for some time, you probably already know how great it is to find inspiration. However, to see the best content, you should pull the hook and look at hashtags instead.

The following hashtags on Instagram is not a new feature that you should not overlook, as it can not overestimate its value. In my opinion, this is one of the best parts of the entire network. Why? Because it gives me two advantages: First, it bypasses all lint that most users post. and second, I can build a specially curated feed.

For example, I mostly use Instagram for my hobbies: guitars and bikes. These are my favorite things that I can watch on Instagram because there are so many good, relevant content. These things inspire me to immerse myself in my hobbies and to give me ideas on how to improve technique, shape and so on. But here's the thing: while there are many curated reports, they do not always show what I want to see. In fact, they often do not miss the mark.

As an example, we use bicycles. I'm a cyclist and like many other cyclists, I like to look at pictures of other riders' custom builds ̵

1; Bikeporn, if you like. And although I have already followed several accounts for cycling, images of bicycles are not always shown. And even if they do, they are not always bikes that interest me. Of course, this is not a problem, as I do not expect that people I follow will only post content that I like – they do not release themselves, for me. I respect that.

 Find a hashtag on Instagram   After a hashtag on Instagram

To see more specific content, I follow hashtags that relate to my specific interests. For example, at the moment I am pretty much on gravel bikes, so I follow the hashtags #gravelbike and #gravelbikes. I see such an absolute killer motorcycle.

But I can get even finer. On the same theme of the gravel wheels, I'm pretty obsessed with the 3T Exploro (the first aero gravel bike!) And would love . There is no Instagram account that only shares images from Exploros. At this point, the hashtag comes into play. I follow the hashtags #exploro and # 3texploro and see all sorts of amazing Exploro content. It's great, though a bit daunting, because I do not have one to stare at.

 # 3TExploro hashtag   #Exploro hashtag

I do the same What applies to my motorcycles – # caad12 and #caadx are common hashtags in my feed – as well as any other highly specific content I have would like to see. Sure, sometimes it misses the target (#superx shows the Cannondale Super X bike, but also a kind of hair product with the same name, which is just weird), but for the most part you can build a special lining in this way. I can not remember the last time I haunted a new user – I rely on hashtags for almost all the instagrams.

To follow a hashtag, either search for a specific tag or click on one of the tags and click the "Follow" button – just like a user to follow. From then on, content with that particular tag will be displayed directly in your feed. It's a great way to strengthen your feed with real things that matter to you.

 How to Follow a Hashtag on Instagram   A Subsequent Hashtag in the Main Feed

So, if you'd like to curate your feed a bit, this is a great way to do it. There is a good chance that you will miss a lot of great content if you only follow people. Try it yourself.

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