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Follow the people on Facebook for a happier life

Facebook is a great place to stay in touch with friends and family, especially those you want to do remotely. Unfortunately, your friends list is probably filled with people you may not know, but you would rather not hear it. Keep going and follow them.

Facebook was more peaceful in its infancy. Grandma and Uncle Bob did not know about it and the only friends you had were people you called friends in real life. But times are changing and Facebook too. Grandma and Uncle Bob are now on Facebook and expect you to be your girlfriend.

More frustration comes with a larger number of people. People with whom you still struggle in real life, imagine things that range from slightly disturbing to downright assaults. Some of them fill their posts with half-facts, wild lies, weary memes and scathing criticisms of the stupidest topics.

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But you can not have made friends with Grandma and Uncle Bob. And you can not be rude to your colleague John. You have to face them occasionally in real life. And although it's tempting to end Facebook forever, it's getting more and more difficult as Facebook invades our real life. Messenger, group communication and event planning are increasingly being carried out on Facebook.

But that's fine. You do not have to make friends with your frustrating and annoying Facebook friends. You can not track them anymore.

Not following is like inviting people home

You probably have a relative you can not stand. They say that most of the scratchy and shrill things, and you do not look forward to seeing them every year at the Christmas party. So what are you doing for the rest of the year? You do not call her on the phone. You do not go through her house. And you do not invite them to you any more than you have to. With a graceful way they may not notice.

Tracking a person on Facebook is essentially the same. If you stop following someone, their posts will no longer be displayed. And they are not informed that you have not developed them.

If the person asks if you've seen a specific post, you can either blame Facebook's algorithms or say that you have not been specifically concerned with Facebook lately. Not following is a quick and easy process to curate your feed and just see the things you want to see. Because social networks should help you feel better, not feel worse.

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It is easy to obey a person. If you see a post that makes your eye twitch, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select "Unfollow [Person]".

You will no longer see your posts in your feed, and you can track them again by finding them in your Friends list.

Snooze a person if you are not sure they are not following them

. Sometimes you are not sure if you do not want to track someone. Maybe the political season is in full swing and they can not stop reporting about it. Or maybe they post about a sports team you do not want to see, a new pet or whatever. Or maybe you just need a break. If this is the case, you can have it spooled for 30 days instead of making it completely inadmissible.

To disable a person, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of one of their entries and select "Snooze [Person] Option for 30 days".

The snoozing feature works like a person who is not staying, except that you automatically track them in 30 days. Of course, you can always turn it on or off at this time if you want.

We can not choose our family. We can not really choose our employees. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to select and curate our Facebook friends. But just as we can choose who we invite to our home, we can also choose who we hear from Facebook. You do not hurt anyone if you do not follow them. However, if you can not find the most frustrating people in your feed, you will help yourself, your mood, and your social well-being.

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