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Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 Challenge: Dance on Sentinel Heads in the Cemetery

Week 2 of Fourteen daysSeason four is ready – as are a host of new challenges for you to complete. One that could cause you trouble requires you to dance on the heads of the Sentinels in the Sentinel Cemetery. As with most tricky challenges, this location isn’t marked on the map, but don’t worry – we have it all for you.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Sentinel Graveyard, how to dance on the heads of Sentinels, and tips to make it as easy as possible for you. Learn how to dance on your heads at the Sentinel Cemetery in Sentinels Fourteen days.

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Where can I find the Sentinel Cemetery?

Unfortunately the Sentinel Cemetery is not labeled on the map but luckily we can show you where it is. You can find this location just south of The Authority between Weeping Woods and Lazy Lake. The picture above shows you the exact location. The reason it’s called Sentinel Graveyard is because of the seedy Sentinels in this area, which are basically giant, purple robots. You can find their remains scattered around a house.

When you land here, make your way to the house in the middle to stock up on wood and grab a gun to defend yourself with. Since this challenge has only just gone live, the area will likely be pretty crowded. So make sure you know other players nearby. You will need some wood to build ramps up to the heads of the Sentinel as these will be above the ground.

As with many challenges, you should do this on Team Rumble. That way, when you die, you can appear again, which makes it a lot easier for you to complete this game in a single game. And as always, when you’re struggling, communicate with your team and let them watch your back as you dance away.

Where to find sentinel heads

To complete this challenge you will have to dance on the heads of three Sentinels, but there are more than three in the area. Once you have enough wood (around 200 should be enough), build your way up to the Sentinels’ heads. You can choose which one you want, but below we’ll show you which ones we used.

First sentinel

The first sentinel head we used is on the west side of this area and leans against a large hill. Build your ramp up to your head, then press the D-Pad to select your Tanzemote.

Second sentinel

The next one is on the other side of another large hill. This one takes a little more wood to get there, but when you have around 200 you shouldn’t have any problems getting there.

Third sentinel

The last sentinel head we used is in a valley to the north. You can actually slide there from the previous head. Land on your head and dance all night (or until the storm hits you).

There is also a sentinel to the south and east of the three named, but we found it easiest to dance on the named. There are around five sentinels to choose from. As long as you are not being shot at by other players, you can do so in a quick game.

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