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Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 Challenge: Ride a motorboat under colored steel bridges

One of the more difficult challenges during Fourteen daysIn season 4, week 2, a motorboat is driven under three colored steel bridges. The reason it is a little tricky is because of the location of the bridges – and the fact that there is nothing specified for you on the map. So if you are having trouble with this challenge or are just looking for a simple solution to it, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find a motorboat, where to find the colored bridges, and the best way to get to them in a game – along with tips and tricks to make this challenge as easy as possible. Learn how to ride a motorboat under the different colored bridges Fourteen days.

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Where can I find a motorboat?

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to take the motorboat, which is at a dock north of Salty Springs. You can find it southwest of Doom’s Domain, to the left of a colored bridge (which you must drive under). Use the picture above as a reference.

There are other motor boats on the map, but this one is the perfect place to cruise under three nearby colored bridges. You can try this challenge in any mode, but we found it to be the easiest in Team Rumble, as you can reappear if you’re killed. The other thing to note is that you should try to land in this location immediately so you can get on the motorboat before everyone else. Since this challenge is new, players will no doubt flock to the motorboats to complete it. So be quick! And bring a friend with you to protect your back from unwanted firefights with enemies.

Where can I find the colored bridges?

To complete this challenge, you need to drive a motorboat under three colored bridges in total. There are a few things to know before attempting the challenge. For one, you have to Ride under the colored bridges – normal bridges don’t count. The other thing is that you have to go under different colored bridges. Simply driving under the same multiple times does not work. Colored bridges are larger and made of steel – and on the route we used there are orange, blue, and green bridges, all of which are dotted across The Authority.

If you’re not fast, the storm could hit you before you get below all three. Use the following route to make sure you get all three credits in one game. It is also highly recommended to use the powerboat boost continuously (by pressing circle on PlayStation 4 or B. on Xbox One). It needs charging, but once it is charged, use it again to make sure you move as quickly as possible.

First bridge

The first bridge is just east of the motorboat and just south of Doom’s Domain. Go underneath to get credit for it, then head north for the next one.

Second bridge

The next bridge is blue and is north of the last one, directly east of Doom’s Domain. To get here, take the path from the previous bridge and then turn left that goes up to this bridge. If you go underneath, whip your motorboat around and prepare for the third and final bridge.

Third bridge

The last bridge is green and is located east of Frenzy Farm. To get here from the previous bridge, head south towards The Authority. When you get there, take the east path and you will eventually reach the green bridge. Pay attention to the position of the storm because if you go slowly under the previous two you may be running out of time. If you continue to use your powerboat’s boost you shouldn’t have any problems. Also, make sure you get credit for driving under each bridge before moving on to the next.

Once you’ve ridden among all three, you’ll get 25,000 XP! Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be done in the same game, but since it’s a bit painful, the faster you can do it, the better.

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