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Fortnite Week 9 Challenges: Find and Place 10 Golden Balloons | Season 7

The Fortnite Season 7, Week 9 are now in front of us. This is the penultimate week of this long and snowy seventh season of Battle Royale, and we were surprised that most of the obstacles you encounter this week are new and rather difficult.

Seems Epic Games isn After the awesome Ice Storm Limited Time Event last week, do not let up, which is great news when you have a challenge. Time will tell if week 10 will end well, but right now we're focusing on one of the funniest and most specific challenges Fortnite players are going to tackle this week – 10 gold balloons.

Fortnite Season 7, Week 9 Challenges Explained

  Fortnite Golden Balloons Fortnite Week 9 Challenges

There are a total of seven challenges that you must embrace with your own rewards. If you are curious about the challenges and rewards, take a look at the screenshot above. There are three challenges that apply to everyone, including free players. At the same time, there are four challenges that will only apply to owners of a Battle Pass:

If you do not have a Battle Pass yet this season, it's probably better to save your hard earned money for the season. Unfortunately, the biggest challenges this week are the exclusive side of the Battle Pass. However, if you are a free player, there are some additional Showtime challenges to try this week. But this guide is one of the toughest challenges this week and you'll have to burst 10 golden balloons.

Fortnite bang Challenge 10 Golden Balloons

  Fortnite Golden Balloons for 9-Week Challenges

In contrast to the other challenges, this one is quite unique from what we have seen lately. You will find and place 10 gold balloons on the map. These can not be old balloons. it must be beautiful, sparkling golden.

In addition, there are a total of 10 balloons, which is a fairly high number. While you can get a few in each game, this is likely to take a few games. For this reason you want to complete this in the mode available for Battle Royale for large teams. For us it's Team Rumble again. In this mode, 20 players from each team play against each other to see which team can achieve 100 kills first.

It's a pretty lengthy mode with a nice window at the beginning before the storm settles completely. This will give you time to get in there and place as many golden balloons as possible, and it's always helpful if you have fewer enemies to worry about and teammates looking after your back. So, grab some friends who need that challenge as well, and let's go.

Fortnite Golden Balloon

  Fortnite Golden Balloons Fortnite Week 9

Most of the time, you'll find the golden balloons all over the Battle Royale map. In fact, there are actually more than 10 of them to be found. That's good, because you have so many choices of where to go, especially if the Battle Bus limits your landing zone. So far, we've found about 20 golden balloons on the map, and probably there are more.

The golden balloons seem to be mostly in designated areas of the map, at least for most. There is usually only one balloon per site, and it may take some time to find them. Here we come into play. Here are our recommendations, where you can find these 10 golden balloons in Fortnite . Fortnite Golden Balloons Location: Wailing Woods

  Fortnite Golden Balloons Fortnite Week 9 Challenges

There are many balloons in the eastern half of the Battle Royale map. Therefore, we recommend accepting this challenge. Let's start at the top of the map and head down. Most places only have a golden balloon, but Wailing Woods is the exception.

The first is northeast of Wailing Woods, passing the forest. The exact location on the Battle Royale grid is right on the border of the I2 and J2 squares. This golden balloon is located at the top of the brick fort. Climb up the ramps and stairs and find them on the roof. You can either shoot it down to place it, or build a ramp and hit it with your ax.

  Fortnite Golden Balloons Fortnite Week 9 Challenges

The second golden balloon near Wailing Woods is located southeast of the first. It is also along the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean. It's actually a place we had to visit for last week's Big Challenge Guide – right on the big truck just dropping off the edge of the map. We recommend that you shoot him because of his precarious situation.

Fortnite Golden Balloons Location: Tomato Temple

  Fortnite Golden Ballons for Ninth Week

The next one will take you to Tomato Temple, southwest of Wailing Woods and almost directly west of the previous village we just visited , When you reach the tomato temple, go to the north side, more specifically to the northwest side.

When you arrive there, look for the small tower building shown in the picture above. The balloon is located on top of the tower and therefore difficult to reach. We also recommend the recording. Well, there's another golden balloon in this area, but it's not near one of the locations.

  Fortnite Golden Balloons for Enditic Week 9 Challenges

Between Tomato Temple, Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, Retail Row, and Dusty Divot. Located directly on the unnamed area southeast of the tomato temple. South of the unnamed area are some towers. On one of them is the next golden balloon. As you can see, we accidentally made it as we grabbed the screenshot, but exactly where we aim.

Fortnite Golden Balloons Location: Dusty Divot

  Fortnite Golden Balloons for the Ninth Week

Next, we must head to Dusty Divot, just southwest of the previous site we visited, right in the middle of Dusty Divot and its crater. This golden balloon is located south of "t" and "y" in Dusty on the map. There is a building with a balloon on it. It can be quite hard to see as it is directly between the underlying building and the tall tree above.

Fortnite Golden Balloons Location: Salty Springs

  Fortnite Golden Balloons for the Ninth Week

Continue south, but this time on the northwestern edge of Salty Springs. There is one last house on the edge of town with a wooden fence. Go to the west side of the house and to the fence, and you will find the next balloon on the fence.

Fortnite Golden Balloons Location: Fatal Fields

  Fortnite Golden Balloons for the Ninth Week

Continue south to the Fatal Fields. This is really easy to spot as it is in the middle of the fields. Go in the middle and you will find this golden balloon on the windmill. It can be a bit difficult to either build a ramp to hit it or shoot from a distance.

Fortnite Golden Balloons Location: Desert

  Fortnite Golden Balloons for the Ninth Week

Now there are a total of three golden balloons, which are located in the desert in the southeastern part of the Battle Royale map. The first one is located southeast of the balloon Fatal Fields. There is a small oasis near the border between grasslands and the desert. In the middle of the water is a boat containing a chest and a balloon.

  Fortnite Golden Balloons Fortnite Week 9 Challenges

There is a second Golden Balloon in the desert, located almost directly east of here. It is located right on the main road and can be found in the hands of the t-rex standing there.

Fortnite Golden Balloons Location: Paradise Palms

  Fortnite Golden Balloons for 9th Week Challenges

The Third The Last Balloon in the Desert is located near Paradise Palms, just to the east and in the immediate vicinity Near the shore by the sea. There is a house here and the last golden balloon is in a car west of the house in a field surrounded by a fence. Hit it or shoot it to end this challenge.

Fortnite Reward for 10 Golden Balloons

The reward for tackling this challenge for "Pop 10 Golden Balloons" is five battlestars, it may not be much, but it's just about half a step higher be.

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