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Galaxy Fold: Reserve Samsung's foldable phone on April 12, so you can preorder on April 15th

Samsung's first mobile phone with folding screen, the Galaxy Fold is almost there. If you are patiently waiting to buy it, you are in luck. Pre-orders will start on Monday, April 15th, but you will not need to reserve the foldable phone until Friday, April 12th. It is also better: Samsung has already warned buyers that stock will be limited. The Fold officially goes on sale on April 26th.

The Galaxy Fold is a hybrid phone with two screens, a smaller front panel that looks like a typical smartphone, and another screen. The inside of the phone is half folded and opens to a 7.3 inch display. It's a crazy idea that will see the competition from equipment manufacturers like Huawei and Motorola .

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How can you buy the Galaxy Fold?

From April 12, you can make a reservation for the Galaxy Fold if you have registered for more information from Samsung. Samsung informs us that a private pre-order will start on Monday, April 15th.

Signing up for more information does not force you to buy the Galaxy Fold, a Samsung representative said in an email to CNET, "If someone logs in tomorrow morning, reserve their seat in the private pre-order, which will be on the 15th. April begins, they are not obliged to purchase on Monday. It is up to you. "

No registration? It is not too late. Visit the Galaxy Fold website and click on in the top right corner. . Then enter your information. On April 12, you will receive an email with more information about reserving the upcoming device. (On this page in Australia, click "Pre-order now." There is no fold page available on the UK site.)

The Fold will be displayed As of April 26, ATS is selected in the US AT & T , T-Mobile, Best Buy and Samsung Experience stores available. Samsung warns that supplies will be limited. Therefore, it is recommended to reserve a fold instead of buying one on the first day

How much does it cost?

It's not cheap: The Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,980 for 512GB of memory and 12GB of RAM, an LTE model and a 5G variant are expected to cost more than the base model.

What about the colors?

The Galaxy Fold will be available in Cosmo Black, Space Silver and Astro Blue and Mars Green. And depending on the color you buy, you can adjust the color of the hinge.

Originally published on February 20th at 11:37 pm PT and updated regularly.

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