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Get $ 100 for the 128GB iPad (6th Generation) – Review Geek

There is nothing better than a new iPad. And now your only chance could be to get a new iPad for $ 100 before Valentine's Day.

Amazon currently sells the 128GB iPad 6th Gen for just $ 330 – the same price the 32GB model normally offers to buy a killer. This iPad is part of Apple's latest tablet version and one of the best tablets for professionals, mobile gamers, musicians and visual artists. This is a great gift for Valentine's Day.

The iPad has a 9.7-inch Retina display, a fingerprint sensor, an HD 8MP camera and a 1

0-hour battery life. It works very well with an Apple Pencil and can be combined with a Bluetooth keyboard for typing on the go. It's one of our most popular tablets, and it can even compete with a lot of people with a few laptops.

Of course there are only a few. The iPad is an incredibly popular device and is usually offered at a low price of about $ 430. If you are interested in an iPad, now is a good opportunity to pick one up at a ridiculous $ 100 discount.

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