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Get a Refurbished iPhone 7 for just $ 220 from Woot – Review Geek

  Apple iPhone 7

Have you abandoned the iPhone 6 deal last week? Maybe you thought this model was a bit too old or too slow. Woot has covered you with today's iPhone 7 deal. You can get one for only $ 220.

We still think the iPhone XR is the best smartphone released in 201

8. But not everyone wants or can spend $ 750 or more on a smartphone. And although we love FaceID, you may think that you will miss the classic home button and the TouchID.

If you are and you still have an iPhone 6 or older, consider today's Woot iPhone deal. For $ 220 or $ 260 you can get either a 32GB or a 128GB iPhone 7. Depending on the size you choose, you can choose either black or pink gold (the black model is just 128GB).

The iPhone 7 looks very similar to the iPhone 6 at first glance, but the internal changes were huge. This update included a quad-core processor, more RAM, and a brighter screen. They also get 3D Touch baked, which even the iPhone XR can not say.

Your potential disadvantages? The iPhone 7 is the model that has lost the headphone jack, and the woot deal does not include an adapter or charging cable. In addition, Woot warns that due to overhauls some scratches and dents are to be expected. Woot has tested the phone for functionality and offers a 90-day warranty. But do not expect a brand new look. Chances are, you'll throw a case anyway.

But those are minor drawbacks – especially if you already have a cable for lighting cables. If you accept these disadvantages, you will get a solid iPhone at an affordable price. Make sure you select the bands that work with your network operator (for example, CDMA for Sprint and Verizon).

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