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Get An Anchor 10W Wireless Charger For 46% Off ($ 13) – Review Geek

  Anchor Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging is a luxury you can do without. However, if you enjoy the wireless connection, you will not want to return. Thankfully, Anker's wireless charger today offers a discount of just under $ 1


Like most wireless chargers today, Anker uses the Qi standard (pronounced "chee") and will likely work with your phone if wireless charging is supported. It comes with a USB cable, but you must provide the plug for the wall adapter.

Ankers Pad provides a quick charge of 10W for Samsung phones (when you provide a Quick Charge 2.0 / 3/0 wall adapter), but iPhone devices charge at a slower speed.

The charger itself is a bit compact, but probably sticks out on the sides of the phone. A blue light on the light-emitting pad indicates that you have hit the cargo area to recharge. If you position the phone correctly, you can cover this light for dark rooms. The textured surface is sticky enough that your device will not slip off by itself.

If you already have a replacement wall adapter (and let's be honest, you probably do), this is an excellent way to use wireless charging that is cheap. When you put your phone on the pad for the first time in the dark, you never want to fumble with a string again.

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