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Get at least 3 months Free Project Fi if you buy a LG G7 or V35 «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Project Fi, Google's MVNO, is re-advertising the latest and greatest of LG. If you order and activate the LG G7 ThinQ or LG V35 ThinQ, you will receive a service credit of $ 300 from July 16 to 29. If you enter the numbers, this is at least three free months of service.

For a single line, the maximum amount that a customer can charge is $ 80 (plus taxes and fees). With the $ 80 plan, you would receive unlimited speech and text and "unlimited" data. After 15 GB of data, your data speed is throttled to 256 kbps (equivalent to 1G minimum speeds). However, users can also pay 10 GB per GB for unthrottled data speeds when they reach 1

5 GB.

The thing is, most users do not use more than 15GB of speed (less than 1% by individual users according to Project Fi), and that's where the savings come in. If you consume less than 6 GB in one month, your monthly fee is lower. While unlimited talk and text for a single line costs $ 20 (and $ 15 more per additional user), your data fee will depend entirely on your usage for the month. Essentially, you could extend the credit over $ 300 for well over three months

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Bill Protection

Project Fi implements a change in their plans, known as Bill Protection. Instead of the previous 10 GB per GB structure, Project Fi now offers an alternative option for unlimited data plans. The first 6 GB on a single account costs $ 10 per GB. Thereafter, the cost is limited, thereby avoiding additional fees for additional data that you may subsequently use. This 6GB threshold will increase if you have more than one user on your plan, 10GB for two, 12GB for three, and so on.

However, if you use less than the cap set, you will pay less. For example, if a single line consumed 3GB per month, they would pay only $ 50 per month (the fee of $ 20 plus $ 30 in data). If you keep that level of data usage, you could go up to six months without paying a penny on the mobile service for your LG G7 or V35.

Since most of us are not power users, the service credit of 300 euros can save us a lot of money. You must be in perfect working order with your account for two months before receiving your credit, and you must activate the account within 30 days of shipping the device. Of course, you also have to pay for the phones, which can be financed for 24 months without interest.

The Fi project is the best place to buy the LG G7 ThinQ and the LG V35 ThinQ. Not only will you receive an excellent service using US Cellular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Three and Wi-Fi hotspots (with encrypted connections), but free service for at least three months. What do you think about the offer of Project Fi? Want to try the LG V35 ThinQ or LG G7 ThinQ? Let us know in the comments below.

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