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Get hidden discounts by bidding on products with PriceWaiter

Do not you want to pay $ 300 for a PlayStation 4? Make an offer! You never know, another seller could just take it (or make you a counter offer).

Screenshot by Rick Broida / CNET

The art of haggling is almost lost these days. On the internet, the price is the price – take it or leave it.

Maybe not. PriceWaiter is a Chrome plug-in that lets you bid on items from various online stores. In other words, instead of paying the listed price, you can offer, well, to pay less.

It works like this: Install the plug-in, and then buy around as you normally would. Sometimes the PriceWaiter toolbar appears at the top of the browser, giving you the option to "submit an offer." Enter the amount you are willing to pay and sit back and wait.

(Side note: If you, like me, read about the request of the plug-in "and change all your data on the sites you visit," it turns out that this is pretty common among Chrome extensions ̵

1; and for PriceWaiter is necessary to do his thing.There is a great article that explains more.)

For example, I have found a RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses Amazon. Price: $ 143. Well, I can not pay that much for sunglasses, so I made a super lowball offer on PriceWaiter: $ 50.

The next day, a seller named Gaffos responded with his counter offer: $ 85, a savings of 40 Percent. Then I checked the Gaffos website and assumed it was just the daily rate. Nope! Normally I would have paid $ 143.

That's pretty amazing, although this is definitely a bonus for your mileage. I also bid on a laptop and never got an answer. The good news is that even if a seller responds by accepting your offer or counter offer, you are not required to make the purchase.

If you're tempted to buy, remember that the seller is likely to be different from where you actually bid-which means that business protection and policies are likely to be different. (In the aforementioned RayBan example, I bid on Amazon, but my purchase would have gone directly through Gaffos.)

In fact, make sure you get exactly the same item you bid on (color, size, etc.) , Style) and do your due diligence with the seller: check the return policy and so on.

For me, the use of PriceWaiter is like using a cashback service : They're crazy not to do it. There are no conditions, and you stand to save money that you would not otherwise have saved.

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