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Get more power-ups in words with friends to give you the best possible movement every time «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

. 1

Activated after your last turn, Hindsight shows you the best move you could have made with your character rack. While it does not help you find words to play or find new letters, it does help you to learn how to best use your tiles and where.

If you use them regularly, hopefully you can score more and more points each round as you have a better idea of ​​the placement. You'll also learn how to search for long words, hooks (where you add a letter to a word while spelling a word in the opposite direction), parallels (where you can play two or more words at the same time), and bonus squares (Elevated the score for letters and words.)

When you play the best possible word, Hindsight is greyed out. That's good, because there's no reason to waste it if it does not do you any good. However, if you play one of the words with the second highest score, it may still not be available if the note reads: " No words available at a later date."

. 2 Word Radar

Play a word radar when it's your turn – before you move – to light every space on the board where you can play words. Words with Friends knows all the words you can play with your current rack, and Word Radar helps you find the best. It is most beneficial for less experienced players who have difficulty placing on the board, as professionals may already know how to play the board offensively and defensively.

The word-strength feature anyone can access is a good indicator of high-scoring games. If you can not exhaust the word strength display and look for most of the points you can get, Word Radar can help close the gap.

. 3 Swap +

Anyone who uses Words with Friends in almost any game format can swap letters if they have a frame that makes a good move impossible. However, this means that you lose a round and that means you have your opponent always ahead of you. Swapping and skipping a round is fine if you have a good lead, but Swap + will help you when you're at the bottom.

When it's your turn and your letters are good, suck, tap the swap + icon to open the swap station. Get rid of all the tiles you do not want, whether it's a completely new rack or just one or two letters, hoping to get the letter you need for a valuable game. It's like Swap & Pass, it's your turn after you complete the swap. It's definitely next to Word Radar, maybe even more when it comes to controversial features in a pun like Scrabble.

How to Store Powerups for Your Games

There are many ways to earn or receive Powerups in Words with friends, and I'll show you below. I suggest you jump on Words with Friends 2 ( Android | iPhone) if you have not already done so because things work smoother. Words with Friends (Android | iPhone) or Words with Friends Classic (Android | iPhone) may have broken powerups and might not be available to all.

Option 1: Get Powerups in Daily Bonuses

First, you can get one by claiming the daily reward. To get your daily bonus go to the "Games" tab and tap "Rewards and Challenges" at the top. In the drop-down drawer, in the Daily Calendar section, tap "Claim" until today.

Many bonuses are just coins, but you can in certain cases take a look back, a word radar, and a trade + day of the month. From time to time there is also a mystery box. In these cases, tap the box to view your bonus items for that day. Most of the time you will get more coins, but occasionally you will get a retrospective, a word radar or swap + and other items.

Option 2: Earn powerups by completing solo challenges.

You may also earn Earned Powerups by playing the Solo Challenge. You'll find this option in the carousel at the top of the Games tab. If you are playing a solo challenge, the next WordMaster in the challenge under will display your move with the remaining games that you played.

After Completing the Sprouts in the Current Solo Challenge When you become available, you will receive a Mystery Box of coins and power-ups, which may include a review, a word radar, or swap +. You can open your Mystery Box from the Games tab in the Rewards and Challenges drawer.

Option 3: Earn Powerups by Fulfilling Daily Goals

In the Rewards and Challenges drawer in the Games tab, you see a section called Daily Goals . There are three overall goals, which vary according to the regular gameplay. If you play a lot, they can be difficult, but if you only play occasionally, they can be quite simple. After you have reached the goals, Mystery Boxes appear in the drawer that you can collect. Some of them may have power-ups.

Option 4: Earn powerups by completing weekly challenges. You can see the challenge of the current week in the section Your Turn on the "Games" tab. These challenges are usually things like "Score 333 points in classic games". If successful, you will receive this week's badge and a mystery box, which you can open in the "Rewards and Challenges" drawer. There may be power-ups in these boxes that you can access through the drawer on the Games tab.

Option 5: Earn Powerups with Words with Friends Live

It's worth noting that Words with Friends had a "live" game show similar to HQ at one point, but it was only for testing with a select number of users. In Words with Friends Live, you could earn Mystery Boxes that might contain power-ups, but Live is currently not working for anyone, and Zynga has not indicated if there will be a return in the future. However, there may soon be a "Season 2" on.

Option 6: Buy Powerups in the Store

Finally, you can buy power-ups with coins in the "Store" tab or via the Coins link in each game. You can earn free coins by redeeming the daily bonus and viewing optional video ads. You can earn these by completing games, daily challenges, weekly challenges and individual challenges, and inviting new friends to play words with friends.

Alternatively, you can buy coins with real money if you can not wait. The cheapest coin package costs $ 0.99. This will give you enough coins to get eight Hindsight, two Word Radar or two Swap + powerups. If you play regularly, you should never have to spend real money on coins.

This article was created during the special coverage of gadget hacks about mobile games. Take a look at the entire gaming series.

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