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Get Spotify, Pandora, and other app controls in Waze to stop switching between audio and maps. «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Who does not like listening to music or playlists when he drives? The open road and fantastic playlist make for perfect pairing, but it can be quite challenging to navigate at the same time. That's why Waze's built-in audio controls are so useful for compatible apps like Spotify and Pandora that you can always keep an eye on the map and the road.

This feature was introduced in 2017 and 2017 for Android First, it was only compatible with Spotify. Now it is also available for iOS, and a total of eight apps support the audio control of Waze. No matter which app or apps you use in Waze, whether for music, podcasts, radio stations or news, the setup is relatively simple. All you need to do is install Waze and the audio apps you want to use and sign in to the audio apps.


Step 1: Enable the selected audio app in Waze

Compatible audio apps in Waze are simple. First start Waze and then tap the pink music icon on the map. If you do not see it on screen, tap the crosshair to jump to your current position. It should be displayed off the screen. If you still do not see it, tap the Search icon, press the gear to open the settings, tap either "Voice & Sound" or "Audio Player," and then press Be sure to show "Show Audio Player" is turned on.

After tapping About the music icon, any compatible apps installed on your device will appear in the upper taskbar.You will not see the app you want? Tap "Settings." You will see a list of the apps you have installed in Audio Player Apps and all compatible apps that are not installed on Other Apps You can access these options in the Audio Player section of your main settings.

The following list of apps is compatible with this Waze integration.

If you see your desired app under Audio Player Apps make sure they are on (green). If you see an app that you want to connect to Waze that you do not already have, tap Install next to it. Waze will then redirect you to either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, where you can get the app. After installation, the app should already be activated in Waze.

Step 2: Set up your selected audio app in Waze

Let's say you wanted Spotify connect. First, tap "Spotify" in the audio player bar at the top. Your phone will then redirect you to the Spotify app. If you are using an iPhone, you must first grant permission by tapping "Open" in the popup.

If you are not logged in, Spotify will ask you to do so. Next, Spotify displays a list of permissions that Waze needs to access. Check it and then tap "Agree" if you want to continue. Then you should be returned to Waze. If not, return to Waze manually, regardless of whether you are prompted or not.

Back Waze displays a final pop-up that informs you about the data exchanged between Spotify and Waze when you end the connection. When you are ready, tap Accept. Once you do this, Spotify may or may not immediately start playing a song. In both cases, the new built-in controls appear in the Audioplayer taskbar.

Setup is similar for all supported apps. While the specific permissions and menus differ, you can rely on the general instructions that exactly match our Spotify example. To ensure a smooth connection, sign in to the audio app before connecting to Waze.

Step 3: Navigate to Waze's Audio Player Controls You may need to open the audio app directly to launch something, and then return to Waze. The audio player in Waze changes slightly depending on the app used.

For example, Spotify includes a plus button (+) that lets you add songs to your library, while Pandora has the "Like" and "I do not like" buttons in your app. If you have paused the music in Spotify for too long, you may see the Resume button instead of the default controls, while Pandora still displays the play button.

The players, however, are mostly the same. Let's go through the functions:

  • There are play / pause and forward / backward skip buttons.
  • View List contains all the playlists that you can access in the audio app.
  • Top left With "Open [App Name]" the audio app is started.
  • Audio Applications on the top right returns you to the initial Audio Player taskbar so you can switch between apps.
  • Use the white up arrow key to hide the icon Audio Player Taskbar.

When you hide the audio player taskbar, the shortcut key becomes the icon of the audio app you are using. Tap to reopen the Audio App's In-Waze player.

That's all there is to do. You can use the above menus to switch between different apps before you start your journey with Waze. So you can be sure that your travels never get boring. Drive safely!

Cover photo of Kevin M./Gadget Hacks; Screenshots of Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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