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Get the Android settings on your iPhone for instant access to location services, settings and more «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

In iOS, the Control Center is an easy way to toggle settings such as Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb, and Sleep. Its Android counterpart is called "Quick Settings", which offers a lot of the same functionality with a few bonuses. If you're curious about how this toggle menu works or misses before you switch from Android, you can now test it on your iPhone.

Nougat, a free tweak in Cydia by Developer Shade Zepheri gives you a taste of the Android experience right on your iPhone. Since this is a tweak, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken, which could be a deal-breaker for you, though it's pretty straightforward.

Nougat optimization works on almost all iPhones running iOS 9 through iOS 1

2, including the iPhone X (with some quirks), and is accessed via a swipe gesture from the top of the screen. Although these are mainly functions that already exist in the Control Center, there are some additions such as disabling GPS, accessing the Settings app, and opening your profile page under Settings.

This optimization will not remove the Control Center on your iPhone, but will complement it instead, giving you greater overall accessibility. The notification center of your device is still available.

Step 1: Install Nougat

First, open the Cydia app on your iPhone, tap the Search tab, and type "Nougat" in the search box. Touch the result of the same name when you see it, and tap [Change] in the top right corner of the Details page.

Then select "Install" from the menu bar Tap "Confirm" at the top right of the screen Confirm to put your selection in stone. The optimization will now be downloaded to your device. Therefore, wait until the process is complete. Click on "Restart SpringBoard" after it has re-feathered your iPhone and install Nougat.

Step 2: Enable nougat

After reopening, you should access Nougat to activate it. and tap on "Nougat". Next, enable nougat by setting the switch next to "Enable Tweak" to the on position. If you want to customize the Nougat pseudo-Quick-Settings menu, stay tuned to the next step.

Step 3: Adjusting Nougat (optional)

In the Nougat Settings menu, you can select a custom theme for your Quick Settings panel by selecting either "Nexus" for a dark gray theme, "Pixel" for an almost black box, or "Oreo" for a lighter standard theme is chosen.

Nexus in dark gray (left), Pixel theme in black (center), Oreo theme in white (right).

In addition, in Nougat, you can also change the order in which your quick settings are displayed by tapping "Sorting" on the main settings page. Then, tap and hold the sort order button to the right of the setting you want to move, and drag it up or down according to the location you want.

After You Nougat set it up to your liking, you can finish it The changes page will be applied immediately and no recall will be required.

Step 4: Enjoy Nougat

You can now access many features that appear in an Android-style Quick Settings window. To do this, swipe down from the top edge of the screen over the support banner to partially open the window, then swipe down again to see it completely. From there you can tap a number of switches such as "Location" to toggle the GPS feature on or off – something the Control Center does not allow.

If you can not live without your messaging center, Nougat will still let you access it by swiping down the left corner of the screen (where the carrier banner is located). The Tweak even allows you to go to either the Settings app, the Nougat Settings page, or your profile within Settings by tapping the Cog, Pen, or Avatar buttons at the bottom of the control panel.

How to Use Nougat

So impressive nougat is that Android's Quick Settings experience on your iPhone is brought, there are some restrictions, which must be considered. 19659002] First, nougat tiles are nothing more than simplified toggle points that you tap to disable or enable a feature. Therefore, the functionality of the Tweak is limited compared to its official Android counterpart, which allows you to instantly access the settings page of a feature by long pressing the "Quick Settings" tile. If you tap on a toggle's caption, you'll get more options, as shown below (which was removed in Android Pie.

Cover, Screenshots and GIFs by Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks

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