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Get the Refunds You Deserve Using DoNotPay’s New Email Service – Review Geek

An email client that promises to save you money.
Do not pay

DoNotPay, the robot attorney known for running out of parking tickets, is back with a new service. And this time, DoNotPay wants to scan your email to save money. Unsubscribe from expensive services or take class action lawsuits against spammers with one click ̵

1; without changing your current email address.

In order to use the DoNotPay email service, you must register for a DoNotPay email address. Once you’ve done that, forward all of your current emails to the new DoNotPay email service. Your emails are scanned for ways to find money.

An offer to cancel a Netflix subscription.
Do not pay

When you receive an email about a subscription service that you pay for, it asks if you want to unsubscribe. Did you want to do that but haven’t been able to do it in months? DoNotPay promises to do this with one click and thus save money for the future.

If you choose to subscribe, DoNotPay will consider the email. You will be informed of this before being charged again. Then you can cancel if you’ve changed your mind about Netflix or Hulu. If you cancel a subscription and are still charged, DoNotPay will dispute the fee for you.

An email offer to participate in a class action lawsuit.
Do not pay

And if you get a spam email, you can let DoNotPay know about it. It will check if there is a class action lawsuit against the spammer and help you sign up so you can get money for your deterioration. DoNotPay’s email service will also help you make money in other ways, such as by email. E.g. refunds for late deliveries or slow WiFi on the plane. Speaking of aircraft, you can be automatically checked in for an upcoming flight.

You have to pay for all of these benefits, of course. The service charges $ 15 per year for your DoNotPay custom email and $ 36 per year for DoNotPay’s subscription service. This also gives you access to other DoNotPay functions such as attractive parking tickets. In theory, the service should pay for itself.

DoNotPay says it works with every major email provider, and you can use forwarding to use the service from your phone or tablet app. The service is open from today and you can log into DoNotPay.

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