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get to know the ropes of this fast-growing social network

  Using WeChat

WeChat is one of the most popular apps in China. It was founded by Tencent in 2011 and has more than 900 million active users per month.

WeChat is a social network similar to Facebook and WhatsApp, but with many additional features. You can do the usual, eg. For example, chat with friends, make free video calls, meet new people, and post status updates. The special feature of the app, however, is that it also allows you to pay the bills, send money to a friend, buy train tickets and much more. But head up: many of these features are only available in China.

Although the majority of WeChat users are from China, the app can also be used in other countries. If you think about trying it out, this is the contribution for you. Below is all the important information you need to use WeChat.

How to Download and Log In WeChat

Downloading WeChat is a breeze. Visit the Google Play Store via the button below, tap "Install" and wait a few seconds for your smartphone to unleash its magic.

When this is done, you can create an account with WeChat. Launch the app, select "Sign in" and follow the instructions on the screen. In addition to your name, country, and password, you'll need to enter your phone number to receive a text with a verification code required to complete the sign-up process.

It only takes a minute and is pretty straightforward. It is also free.

To add friends and start chatting

So you downloaded the app and created your profile. Well done. Now is the time to connect with your friends.

Adding friends to WeChat is just as easy as adding on Facebook. Select the Contacts tab at the bottom of the screen, tap the plus icon in the upper-right corner, and choose Add Contacts. You can then search for people – or companies – by phone number or WeChat ID and add them to your network by clicking the "Follow" button.

There are other easy ways to add friends, such as scanning your QR codes to your own QR code by selecting the "I" option and tapping the QR code icon. You can scan the code using the built-in QR Reader located on the Discover tab.

WeChat is a great app to meet new people.

WeChat is also a great way to meet new people. Just shake your phone, and the app connects you to a stranger doing the same thing at the same time. In addition, you can also search for people in your area. You can access both features by tapping the Discover tab.

How do you start a conversation? Just tap the person you want to talk to in your contact list. You can enter, record or make an audio message up to 60 seconds long.

The great thing about WeChat is that you can retrieve every message you send within the first two minutes. Also, they are translated quickly by the app if they are not in your preferred language. You can access both functions by touching and holding a message to see a list of options.

WeChat allows you to express yourself with different stickers in the app. You can also download new ones, some for a fee.

It's also possible to challenge friends you're chatting with at a game called "Dice" or "Rock, Paper, Scissors". It's a great way to kill time, though games get boring quickly. You can access it by tapping the Emoji logo in the chat window and then selecting the heart icon below.

What are moments?

Moments are similar to the Facebook homepage. Here you can see all posts published by you and your friends. You can find the function under the "Discover" tab.

How do you write? Go to the "Me" section, select "My Posts" and tap the camera icon to select an image you'd like to share. You can do the same thing in the Moments section. You can also share a text message in moments, but you must tap and hold on the camera icon instead of just pressing it.

Like Facebook, you can also add comments to posts and like them. And there's an option to add the position to your posts and tag those users with a tag.

How to Use WeChat on a Computer

Wondering how to use WeChat on a computer? In addition to your smartphone, you can also access WeChat from your PC. However, the registration process is not quite like Facebook. When you visit the WeChat website, a large QR code will appear in the middle. Get your smartphone, open the WeChat app and start the integrated QR reader. Then scan the code and confirm the login on your smartphone. It's not overly complicated, but it's a bit weird.

 How to Use WeChat

Wondering how to use WeChat on a computer? The alternative is to download the app on windows or macOS computer. The setup process takes a few minutes. You'll also need to scan a QR code to sign in to your account. The app gives you access to most of the features of WeChat and can also be used to transfer documents from a PC to a smartphone and vice versa. If you want to give it a try, visit the WeChat download page via the button below.

  How to use WeChat


If you've come this far, you're here Now you know a few basic things about using WeChat. Remember, however, that the service offers many other features. You can best familiarize yourself with the app . Nothing beats the practical experience.

If WeChat is not your thing, there are many other great apps where you can chat for free with your friends. Which? Check out our 10 best messenger apps for Android.

What do you think about WeChat? Let us know in the comments.

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