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Github is now free and that's great

Microsoft has announced a change in GitHub pricing today and is suitable for anyone familiar with code. In the past, GitHub calculated $ 7 per month for a private repository. These are now free if you have three or fewer employees.

The New Free Level is a Blessing for Students

GitHub has always had a free level, but in the past this free level was restricted to public repositories. If you were an aspiring coder looking to get into source control, the best cost-effective way to make your code public. That's not always appealing, especially in the early stages of learning, when your code is something you're less than proud of. Even if you've landed your first developer job, when it's time to move on or work on a side project, you may not want your work to be visible to your current employer.

This for a hired developer was not a difficult problem. GitHub billed private repositories at $ 7 per month. Although these costs add up over the course of the year, it is not too challenging to earn 7 euros a month if you have a job. For students who may not have the time or ability to work while learning, it may be more difficult to put together this fee. The cost might have prevented students from using a resource that not only gave them more source code management experience, but also a valuable place to save their work for future career prospects.

Today's announcement is a win for these students. Private repositories are free as long as the repository has three or fewer employees. This is a reasonable compromise that ensures Microsoft can benefit from GitHub commercial projects while providing a great advantage to those who can best use the help. Anyone who needs more than three employees can continue to pay for GitHub Pro for $ 7 a month.

Businesses Benefit, Too

Microsoft also simplifies GitHub's business options. Instead of offering GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Service as separate services, Microsoft combines them into a single service: GitHub Enterprise. Companies can now access a seat price.

Overall, these changes should help GitHub continue to develop a healthy user ecosystem. The new free level for private repositories will be a blessing for students and small developers alike.

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