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Gmail SMTP Settings – Here's how to send emails

  Gmail SMTP settings

If you want to use an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook to send emails through your Gmail address, you will need to enter the correct SMTP settings for Gmail. While some e-mail clients do this automatically as soon as you enter your credentials, some require you to enter the information manually. In this article, we'll give you the Gmail SMTP settings you need to send emails from your favorite email client.

The process is simple, takes less than a minute and does not require any technical knowledge. All you need to know is the right settings, which you can read below.

SMTP Setup settings in Gmail:

  • SMTP username: Your Gmail address:
  • SMTP password: Your Gmail password [19659007] SMTP server address : smtp.gmail.com
  • Gmail SMTP Port (TLS): 587
  • SMTP Port (SSL): 465
  • SMTP TLS / SSL Required: yes

After adding your account to an email client of your choice, you will probably need to enter your email address and password first. After that, Gmail's SMTP settings should appear on your screen. In this case simply enter the information displayed above.

If you do not see them, you'll need to open your account settings and dig a bit. Depending on the e-mail client you are using, they may be in a different location but should be relatively easy to find.

Note, however, that the Gmail SMTP settings have a send limit set to prevent spam. You can only send a total of 500 emails per day, which is probably more than enough for an average user. Hopefully this article was helpful to inform you about the correct SMTP settings for Gmail that you need to send emails to third-party email clients.

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